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"What does the writing say?
I thought I knew the elf-letters, but I cannot read these."

A few useful tricks for posting online or in your creative writings

Link too long?

Got a link to a picture, but it's about a mile wide and throws the whole board out of whack?  Here's how you enclose it so it just shows up as a clickable link instead of that really, really long string:

[url=http://this is your loooong url]Clickable phrase[/url]

This will show up as just the phrase, with the link attached to it.

Alternately you want to use the handy tool provided at tiny url to create a very short link that will redirect to your long link.

Simple Tags for Text Tricks

Most message boards "out there" including our own, will use square brackets [ ] but you may occasionally find those that use the <"pointy" ones.>

To create a tag that makes your words look bold, italic or whatever, you will need one at the beginning of the word/phrase and one at the end of it.

The beginning one has a bracketed instruction [boing] and the ending one tells it to stop whatever that instruction is by using a slash /, like this [/boing]  Tags may be layered like an onion, just be sure to close all the ones you started. [boing][gasp] arg! [/gasp][/boing]

The two halves of the tag must match to work.

Italic:  i
[i]lembas[/i] =  lembas posted.

Bold: b

[b]foothair[/b] = foothair posted.

Sizes: These use h and a number saying how big it should be.

[h1]Ow![/h1] will look like


H 1

H 2

H 3

H 4

H 5
H 6
Here is a useful page by Redbeard about this, and other tricks. You may use color= and the name of the color, such as [color=blue] for blue.  Some boards may use "font color" instead of just "color."

Underline: u
[u]Bungo[/u] = Bungo

Strike through: strike
[strike]Sauron[/strike] = Sauron

And yes, blink makes it blink, and marquee makes it scroll by but there are some codes that frankly are irritating to everyone else and shouldn't be commonly used, as it makes your text resemble a pop-up ad.  Never put a link in a marquee unless you want your friends to put rubber spiders down your back in revenge. It forces the person to chase the link across the page in a moving scroll, trying to click on it like a video game.

Images:  img
[img]http://url for your image[/img] = a picture!

Remember to resize your images before you put them in a post - if they are really huge they'll throw boundries for the entire forum off and take forever for others to load and see.  Keep them small! 

Handy-Dandy Guide for Using Alternate Characters

(thank you, Frodo Baggins!)
It's quite simple. There's a number code for each letter with appropriate dashes/dots/whatever, and all you do is hold down "Alt" while typing in the combination on the numberpad . Make sure you have num lock on, and as soon as you release Alt the letter will be there!
Copy and paste these directions to someplace safe.
Also (thanks Dr. G) here is a printable version

ù Alt+0249
Ù Alt+0217
á Alt+0225
Á Alt+0193
é Alt+0233
ë Alt+0235
É Alt+0201
í Alt+0237
Í Alt+0205

128 Ç
129 ü
130 é
131 â
132 ä
133 à
134 å
135 ç
136 ê
137 ë
138 è
139 ï
140 î
141 ì
142 Ä
143 Å
144 É
145 æ
146 Æ
147 ô
148 ö
149 ò
150 û
151 ù
152 ÿ
153 Ö
154 Ü
160 á
161 í
162 ó
163 ú
164 ñ
165 Ñ
167 º
168 ¿
(Greek letters and math symbols are between 224 and 247)
248 °
250 · (small bullet)

"If you are using Microsoft Word, choose "insert" then "symbols" to access a table of characters you can choose from." - Lindorie

Additions? Questions/comments? Email Primula.