Title: LOTR Fanclub Forum
"What does the writing say?
I thought I knew the elf-letters, but I cannot read these."

While not up to date, this non-comprehensive list of our community's definitions provides a glimpse
into our community history's humor, and may still prove useful for newcomers to our forums.

Abbreviations and Terms used on our Boards:

Prancing Pony Menu

Prancing Pony Drinks Menu

The Supply Closet of the Fellowship Board
No text inside - should be used whenever the subject line is your entire reply. This was only for the "old style" threaded boards, not the current phpbb ones.
Information included within that may give away details to someone who hasn't read all the books.
Moderators, whose posts sometimes show up in green. Generally very nice people, but if you are ornery, beware the One Ring of Deletion!
By The Way
In My Opinion/In My Humble Opinion
Laughing Out Loud
Rolling on the floor laughing
Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off, alternately ROTFLMMO, (laughing my muu-muu off.)
What someone thought the last part of ROTFLMBO stood for. Now refers to doing a happy dance.
Happy Frodo Dance
See "Mambo" above .
A reference to that funny little chicken dance Frodo does at Bilbo's party, indicating the person posting is doing likewise.
Laughing So Hard I Wet My Muumuu
Laughing My Precious Off
O.M.V. / O.M.O
         Oh My Viggo! / Oh My Orli!
The Girls of the Prancing Pony
   or, alternately, the gender-inclusive:
The Guests of the Prancing Pony
Night Owl Girls, or Night Owl Group, those who are regularly on the boards long after everyone else is properly asleep.

Istari Network News: the name given to MithrandirCQ's news bulletins.

The Real World...that is, the non-virtual one (not to be confused with RWW  or Ringwraith-Wife, a regular poster)
Fingers/ Fringers/Phingers
"Fake Ringers," that is ones who claim great fanship but have not read the books. 
Classic Ringers, that is ones who read it a long time ago and never seem to leave Middle-earth.

Fan Fiction.  Very short works are also termed "Inklets."
Someone who thinks the movie failed because Lobelia Sackville-Baggins wasn't given enough screen time.
Someone who thinks that even the hot dogs at the concession stand in the theater showing Lord of the Rings were perfect.
Lord of the Rings
Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
Return of the King
The Extended Edition of the DVD
The Prancing Pony message board
The Fellowship message board
Middle-earth, or the Middle Earth board.
The Red Book message board
Peter Jackson
Some actor who plays a little person, also known as "Those Eyes."
Some actor who plays a dwarf.
Pin-the-tail-on-the-post, a game played at the Prancing Pony in which one person posts "Pin" (as the first reply) preferably within one minute of someone else's new thread being started. The goal was to be the first person to "Pin" the thread-starter. This was a common game on the 'Old Old Boards' with its timestamps.
1. Acting in an undignified way while obsessing over a celebrity.
2. Acting normally in the Fellowship Board
What you find on the floor in the Fellowship Board
Dust Bunnies
The pets that live in a cardboard box under the bar of the Prancing Pony. They eat coffee beans, and are generally cuddly.
It apparently has some connection to drool. Are you frightened? Not frightened enough!
Muumuu / Mu'u mu'u / Mumu
Nefarious bit of clothing worn by both Legolas at the Council of Elrond and by certain late night posters at the Prancing Pony.
Marshmallows in the shape of members of the Fellowship plus Haldir. Frequently found floating in the hot cocoa of the Prancing Pony.
Monophobia (Monophobe)
Fear of being alone. Usually manifests in the PP when the pages are flying by furiously, yet with regular posts asking "Am I the only one here? Where is everyone?"
Athazagoraphobia (Athazagoraphobe)
Fear of being ignored. Usually manifests in any of the boards when someone posts something they feel is important (that doesn't necessarily require a reply) and then two minutes later complains "Doesn't anyone want to read what I wrote?"
Fear of being a Ringer. Usually manifests in the co-workers, friends and family of serious fans who "don't get it." Includes such tell-tale comments as "You're all just a bunch of Trekkies." and "You aren't really going to wear that in public, are you?" May involve faked death-by-embarrassment scenes, frequent rolling of eyes and heavy sighing.


Mb Etiquette 101

FAQ : How do I know which board to post on? And can I just post the same thing on all of them if I can't make up my mind?

Look closer - there is a simple summary by each one telling what they are for. The Prancing Pony is the catch-all if you aren't sure, but it still has to be family-friendly. And no, you can't post the same thing on all of them - this is considered spamming and they will often be taken down. Newbies to message-board posting are encouraged to read the blurb about Mb Etiquette. If it's in the wrong place, our friendly mods may relocate it to the proper area.
FAQ : Why is Gimli in the Fridge?

Gimli was a regular at the Pony from it's earliest days, usually being content to sit at (or under) the bar. But his habit of slurping on noses with horrible slurping sounds caused him to be relegated to the refrigerator, which keeps him in a state of semi-hibernation and helps use up the leftovers at the same time. He even has his own cushion in there and is brought out for dry-cleaning from time to time.  Aragorn has taken up residency in the dishwasher, but it doesn't seem to have done much for his hair yet.  You may find other Fellowship members occasionally lurking in the cupboards or broom-closet.
FAQ : Can I post my fan-fic on the Red Book board?

Yes! If it is family-friendly and based on LOTR (not just sort of set in a middle-earthish world with your own characters) you are welcome to post it at the "Red Book".  Mary-sues and graphic works are discouraged. Not all items are collected for archiving, but all such items can certainly be shared with the fans there. If it is non-LOTR, please use the "Beyond the Farthings" forum.
FAQ : What are smurfs?

Little blue vermin with white hats that occasionally invade the Pony, especially if too many crumbs are dropped on the floor. They are difficult to exterminate, but making them into smurf-ka-bobs, smurf nuggets and blue smoothies (the origin of colored "goo") has proved effective in the past.

FAQ: What is goo? And if someone offers me some, should I drink it?

Goo is a drink originally concocted with a The One Blender of Power that comes in an infinite variety of colors and flavors, the most common being either blue (see "smurfs" above) or rainbow. You may partake without long-term effects, though rainbow goo often makes people float up into the rafters.  Lately some of our patrons have taken more to throwing it at one another in a perpetual foodfight than to drinking it.  The effects of this are messy, but not harmful.

FAQ : Who or what was Legolas Hamster of Mirkwood?

Look here for info on this ususual furry mascot.

FAQ : What's with all the parentheses?

They are (((((((hugs)))))))), the more parentheses, the longer and stronger the virtual hug.

FAQ: What is a "Character Theme Day"?

For quite some time, a 24 hour "day" was devoted to a Tolkien character and hosted on the Middle Earth Board. All were welcome to post stories, songs, poems, essays, links, top ten lists, parodies, etc. etc. which were gathered up for the Theme section of this Scrapbook site. The 'Days' were decided by popular vote, usually alternating major and minor characters.  Having gone through most of the main characters, they've been set aside for now.  We do occasionally have other events for various holidays, such as the Valentine's party, or our annual Mathom Exchange.

FAQ: What are those funny numbers after my post?
  (This pertained to the "old-old boards" at Decipher)

Those are a time and date stamp, showing when your post was made. The "board time" was set in Eastern Standard Time for the United States. Theme Days, for instance, ran midnight to midnight by the "fanclub clock."

Here is a link to a World Clock  so you can compare where you are with any of the other fans, or with the fanclub clock.  The current boards "fanclub clock" is set in Pacific Standard Time but it rarely matters as each person may now set their own viewing time in their own profile.

FAQ: Can I post lots of pictures and banners? 
(this pertains to the 'new' Fellowship of Middle-earth boards)

Yes and no.  You may post pictures all you like, but we ask that you not just post 'for the heck of it', please keep them related to the topic at hand.  Images are not to be kept in signatures, sorry!  The reason for this is some of our members have slow connections or older equipment and the images really slow it down for them as well as creating visual clutter everyone has to constantly scroll past.  A thread is provided under Artwork for you to share your graphic banners and other images with the community.

We want the boards equally fun for everyone, not frustrating, so they can choose to view images-heavy threads when they have the time for it to load and not be suddenly bogged down everywhere they turn. Please put "images" or "pictures" in your subject header if starting a new topic that involves lots of pictures and keep them at 500 pixels or less maximum size. At this time we don't host images, so you'll have to be linking to them from someplace else - search for "free image hosting" and you should find several options like Photobucket, etc.

FAQ: Old boards, new boards, huh?

In brief, this community started with the "One Board" - a single forum hosted at Decipher about four months before the release of FotR at the theaters.  By the time the movie was released, it had become four forums, what we call the "Old-Old Boards." (OOB) These were old-style threaded view webbbs boards, with no images.  Three years later, Decipher changed their boards to a rather sterile colored phpbb "boxy" flat view, and there were mixed feelings on this event. These would be the "Old Boards." This change coupled with ads and frequent difficulties in server, host and service brought about the switch to our own "New Boards" one year later at LOTRfanmb.com which remains our current home.  The new name for the forums was voted on by the community in April '06, becoming the Fellowship of Middle-earth, and we added the LOTRfellowship domains at that time.  The current FoME boards were transferred to Daughter of King's administration at the end of 2011.
FAQ: So, is this place related to Decipher or not?

No, only in the sense that it is where this community found its beginning in October of 2001, and then persevered in spite of various difficulties with that hosting company. This site has never been officially affiliated with them and remains an "unofficial" fan-run, non-profit site. Archiving has been drawn solely from our own LOTRfellowship/ Fellowship of Middle-earth boards beginning in August, 2005.  We do have Decipher's permission to keep copies of the information on the fan magazines they published, kept under Galleries.

An Alternate Characters Guide 

Elvish terms you might see or use:

No guarantees on accuracy. They are a mix of Sindarin and Quenya.

Elvish for Ringers -- what we are. "I am a Cormar. We are Cormari" (Pronounced KAHRR-marree with the double R's trilled and the A pronounced like mat)
Sponge Warrior
Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya.
May the Valar protect you on your path under the sky.
Meneg suilaid
Many greetings
Mano mardenna?
Your place or mine?
Ai! Ai!
A Balrog! A Balrog is come!

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