Title: LOTR
                Fanclub Drink Definitions

The Supply Closet 

A relating of the virtual 'supplies for swooning' as inventoried by
 halavana and others of the Fellowship Board

Bean-bags and variations:
Wood-bags, Mortenson-bags, Bloom-bags, Hill-bags, Tyler-bags, Otto-bags, Boyd-bags, Figwit-bags, Urban-bags, Blanchett-bags, Parker-bags, Astin-bags, Dom-bags, Martin-bags, Mark-bags, Sala-bags, Lawrence-bags, Bruce-bags...

South Wall:
Standard swooning cushions (choose your favorite, or take several!)

North Wall:
Squeegies, small, medium & extra long handled
Tea towels
Paper towels
Industrial sized fans
Fanning leaves
Smelling salts
Eye drops
Beta blockers
Air conditioner
Oscillating fans
Hand fans
Hip waders
Portable defibrillator
Plastic covers for keyboards
Straw tatami mats
Medicine chest for "personal items"
Heavy duty, extra strength deluxe sump pump
Virtual good luck charms - added 8-7-04
Jaw belts (for dropping jaws, in various colors with padding)
Toothpicks (for propping up eyelids during extended viewings)

Sump-pump to keep the floor dry of excessive drooling.

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