Verses about the Fans 8
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Baby take a Bow - Ringwraith-Wife
Clerihews for some crazy board-folk - Primula
Clerihew for Din - Strange Elf
Byr A Thoddaid (translation: Braindamage)  - Doctor Gamgee
Cancione Primadonna - Doctor Gamgee

Double dactyls for the Mods - Doctor Gamgee

For Lothithil
Baby take a Bow

Smack dab in the middle
Riddle, riddle, riddle, riddle
Flowers (sun)
Golden wheat, see
The wordsmith from ( _____ )
Who works so neatly

- Ringwraith-Wife

Clerihews for some of our crazy board-folk... in honor of "Clerihew Day."

Green-leaves lovin' Strange Elf
Out in the desert by herself,
She would flee all that brown and stubby,
But she really loves her hubby.
With creativity rife,
Such a multi-talent dame,
Makes the rest of us look lame.

Confetti-toting Dinledhwen
With quiet, cheery whisperin'
When this life seems dull or crass,
She dreams of bein' with Adulas.

Yaralindi, Uber-Sam,
Need script-writin'? He's da man!
He may drift, but not apart -
Cheery smile and generous heart.
- Primula

Clerihew for Dinledhwen

Legolas Greenleaf, handsome Elf
I want him all to myself
But I must share him with our Din
Wait! I think that might be a sin
- Strange Elf

Byr A Thoddaid (translation: Braindamage)

Braindamaged has Bry A Thoddaid,
my matter grey in shackles tied.
For one can hope to aid the strain of head
in bed, 'neath covers lain.

But no such luck shall come to pass with Prim.
Brim full of brains, the lass!
Her games poetic sound the call:
You lazy lout! Get on the Ball!!!
- Doctor Gamgee

Cancione Primadonna

Home to nothing, cyberspace
now is filled with every race.
Elf and Hobbit, Ent and Man.
All were labled, "Tolkien fan."

From one lone board, fast and true,
The fellowship quickly grew.
And all the world now can see,
The acorn once; now a tree.

And in its shade's dappled light,
a friendship flame lit the night.
A loyal few gathered there.
And grew into something rare.

One found solace, balm for care,
Others spoke of elven hair,
Some there were, with gifts to write
tales unseen by elven sight.

Some tales of love; bended knee,
Others filled with joyful glee.
Others still of arrows flew,
of silly fights; rainbow goo.

Homage given when we can,
For what was termed: Master plan.
Hobbit lass with kindly face,
Built this Home in cyberspace.
- Doctor Gamgee

A few double-dactyls for our modly mods (you know better than to encourage me!)


Poetress, Sows-a-Dress.
Book-weilding Gardener
Raises her Nose up to
Chase a quick Rhyme.
Drinking teas, Planting peas,
Muse-loving Writer who
Just needs more Thyme!

Daughter of Kings

DoK, A-OK!
Rohirrim Shieldmaiden,
Lover of horses and
Reader of Books!
Moot-maker! Risk-taker:
Eating the morsles that
Hobbitfolks cooks!


Flannery, Cannery
Board-Bride of Icarus!
Weaving and Painting
A planter of seeds!
Sipping Teas, Canning Cheese
Patriot Advocate
Do-er of Deeds!
- Doctor Gamgee

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