Links to LOTR Personality Tests

As with any collection of links, while I do not choose to link to non family-friendly sites I cannot control  the content on these tests. So wander with care, and if you stumble on any that are overly offensive, just let me know. - Primula

- TheUruviel
Additions by Primula and others:

Another LOTR Personality Test

Which LOTR Character Are You?

Which LOTR Character's Eyes Do You Have?

Which Member of the Fellowship are You Most Like?

Which Ringwraith are You?

Which Tolkien Lady are You?

Which Fellowship of the Ring Character are You?

Which Scene from FOTR would You be in?

Which LOTR City are You?

What is your Middle-earth Occupation?

How Obsessed with LOTR are You?

How Obsessed with Aragorn are You?

What Type of LOTR Fan are You?

A Lord of the Rings Selector

Which Villain in Middle-earth are You?

Which LOTR Character and Personality Problem are You?

History Television's Tolkien Quiz --  this one is about Tolkien, not a personality one. Very good!

Not LOTR, but an interesting diversion submitted by Sabu:

"Ink-blot Test Wallpaper" at.......