A well-loved copy of The Hobbit here, paperback from Puffin, artwork again by Pauline Baynes.  According to its owner it was purchased at a school book fair in 1962. Thanks to Rory for this one!  It seems this one was from a UK-only single-run printing in which "Dwarves" was 'corrected' to dwarfs, and "Elvish" to elfish, etc.  Tolkien complained to the publisher and it was not released again.  Next is a cheerful 1984 publication in Armenian - great version of Smaug here and very hairy legs.  Third in line is a 1977 Hebrew translation of The Hobbit by Zmora Bitan pub., a first Hebrew translation done by Israeli air-force pilots to pass the time during their Egyptian imprisonment.  Cover artwork is Tolkien's.
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287: 1962 Puffin Hobbit       288: 1984 Armenian Hobbit      289: Hebrew Hobbit 1977