The Twelve Days of Middle-earth

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The Twelve Days of Middle-earth
The Twelve Days of the Fellowship
The Twelve Days of the Two Towers
The Twelve Days of the Return of the King
The Twelve Days of the Hobbit


On the Twelfth day of Middle-earth, my True Love gave to me,

12 Rangers ranging,
11 Maids all Elven
10 Lembas crumbling
9 Wanderers wandering
8 Wizard smoke rings
7 Dwarven rings
6 Fighting elves
5 Pints of beeeeeeer! (1420- a very good year!)
4 Lost hobbits
3 Elven boats
2 Rohan stallions
And a flower in a White Tree!

Fellowship of the Ring

On the 12th Day of Viewing, my True Love showed to me:

Singing Twelve Dwarves a-delving (there's a good tongue twister!)

Singing Eleven Riders riding

Singing Ten hobbits hopping

Singing Nine Elven Cloaks

Singing Eight Eagles Soaring

Singing Seven midges biting

Singing Six Ponies a-Prancing

Singing Five Black Riders! Shocked

Singing Four Hobbits in a cornfield

Singing Three of Gandalf's fireworks

Singing Two old friends meeting

Singing and a Hobbit waiting under a tree!


The Two Towers

On the 12th day of Viewing my True Love showed to me:

Singing Twelve Swords a-slashing

Singing Eleven Wormtongue snivellings

Singing Ten thousand Orcs a-marching

Singing Nine marshy zombies Shocked

Singing Eight Ents hoom-hooming

Singing Seven archers shooting

Singing Six wargs a-biting

Singing Five horses sprinting

Singing Four doorguards guarding

Singing Three Hunters seeking

Singing Two hobbits running

Singing And a wizard under an oak tree!

The Return of the King

On the 12th Day of Viewing my True Love showed to me

Singing 12 cheers for the King returning!

Singing 11 trolls a-drumming

Singing 10 ships a-sailing

Singing 9 fell beasts flying

Singing 8 Fellows remaining

Singing 7 Stewards of Gondor

Singing 6-thousand mustered

Singing 5 mumaks charge

Singing 4 orcs attacking

Singing 3 ages passing

Singing 2 hobbits climbing

Singing And the One Ring off to Mt. Doom.

The Hobbit

On the Twelfth Day of Hobbiting, my true love gave to me

Singing Twelve Dwarves a'delving (say that 3 times fast!)

Singing Eleven Thrushes knocking

Singing Ten Goblin soldiers

Singing Nine wolves a-howling

Singing Eight Spiders stinging

Singing Seven Barrels barrelling

Singing Six Elven Guards

Singing Five Aaaaarmies!!

Singing Four soggy beards

Singing Three Trolls arguing

Singing Two Riddlers riddling

Singing And an Arkenstone under a Tree!!!