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Top Ten Things Sam Should Have Heard, But Didn't
Top Ten things Sam wanted to pack for the quest but Frodo made him leave behind.
My favourite #10 Sam - isms
Top Ten Things We're Glad Sam Didn't Name his Children

Top Ten Things Sam Should Have Heard, But Didn't

10. Gandalf: Promise you won't blab, and we'll just pretend you didn't hear anything, shall we?

9. Pippin and Frodo: Here, Sam - we have a nice hot bath and breakfast waiting for you!

8. Elrond: I'm sorry, but for eavesdropping we'll have to send you back home.

7. Pippin: Everyone be quiet now, so Sam can sleep.

6. Elves of Lorien: Would you like to write us a poem for Mithrandir?

5. Galadriel: You know, it's kind of scary - I really don't think you should look in it.

4. Faramir:  But of course I'll send some of my best men with you to help you out.

3. Frodo: That pack looks heavy, Sam - here, let me carry it for a while.

2. Galadriel, etc.: Go get Rosie and come with us! We'll wait.

1. Smeagol: Mmm...delicioussss...whatss the recipe, precious, what is it?

- Primula

Top Ten things Sam wanted to pack for the quest but Frodo made him leave behind.

10. The last barrel of ale at Bag End. (Sam instead did his best to finish it off before they left.)

9. A large book titled “Conversational Elvish for Hobbits Traveling Abroad” that he said he was just starting to read.

8. A portable stove that Sam insisted was “no heavier than a wee hobbit lass”.

7. The Gaffer (in case he needed advice).

6. A gallon jug of leftover Mushroom soup that “just seemed a shame to waste.”

5. A sack of taters. (“What in the world would you need ‘em for?” Frodo said)

4. Another book he was just starting to read, “Teach yourself to swim in 12 days or less”.

3. 16 extra pocket-handkerchiefs. (Sam had apparently taken to heart Mr. Bilbo’s concern from his first quest.)

2. A bottle of spider repellent.

And the number one item.

1. A third book “1001 Riddles Your Friends Will Never Guess.” (“Well, maybe go ahead and bring it," said Frodo after careful reflection. "Just in case.”)

- The Foe Hammer

My favourite #10 Sam - isms
My Favourite Top Ten Samwise quotes from the book:

#10 – “Eavesdropping sir? I don’t follow you, begging your pardon. There ain’t no eaves at Bag End, and that’s a fact.”

#9 – I have something to do before the end, and it lies ahead, not in the Shire. I must see it through sir, if you understand me.”

#8 – “When ever you open your big mouth you put your foot in it the Gaffer used to say to me, and right enough. O dear, O dear!”

#7 – “In the old days hobbits used to go on their travels now and again. Not that many ever came back, and not all that they said was believed: news from Bree, and not sure as Shire talk, as the sayings go.”

#6 – “Don’t let him turn me into anything unnatural!”

#5 – “We’ve got – you’ve got some of the light of it (Silmaril) in that star-glass the lady gave you! Why, to think of it, we’re in the same tale still! It’s going on. Don’t the great tales never end?”

#4 – “It wasn’t a dream!” (After waking in the Field of Cormallen)

#3 – “Well, I’m back” (Very last line, always makes me cry!_

#2 – “Is there a storm coming? If so it’s going to be the worst there ever was.” (What a prophecy!)

And #1…….
(More of a conversation, but so funny)

“What’s taters, precious, eh, what’s taters?”

“Po – ta – toes. The Gaffer’s delight and rare good ballast for an empty belly. But you won’t find any, so you needn’t look. But be good Smeagol and fetch me those herbs, and I’ll think better of you. What’s more, if you turn over a new leaf, and keep it turned, I’ll cook you some taters one of these days. I will: fried fish and chips served by S. Gamgee. You couldn’t say no to that.”

“Yes, yes we could. Spoiling nice fish, scorching it. Give me fish now, and keep nassty chips!”
“Oh you’re hopeless”, said Sam. “Go to sleep!”
- Gimli's Goat

Top Ten Things We're Glad Sam Didn't Name his Children

10. Twins: Pigweed & Ragweed

9. Woundwort

8. Skunk-Cabbage

7. Tumblemustard

6. Nodding Beggar-ticks

5. Petty Spurge

4. Hensbane

3. Toadflax

2. Stinking-Corpse Lily


1.. Hairy Vetch

- Primula & Bluebell