Top Tens for Frodo

Top 10 things that Frodo Baggins and Elijah Wood have in common

10. They were both born in the middle of nowhere
 (Middle Earth, Middle of USA)

9. They both seem to trip and fall an awful lot

8. Incredibly pale skin

7. Hair that seems to have a mind of it's own

6. A desperate need of a manicure

5. Incredible blue eyes

4. Neither one has had a date in a long while

3. Neither one admits to not having a date in a long while.

2. A really silly laugh

And number one

1.  They both own only ONE jacket
- Overlithe

Top Ten House Warming Items You Should Not Give To Frodo When He Returns To Bag End:

10. Gold Napkin Rings
9. Gold Curtain Rings
8. Candle Rings
7. A Quilt made using the Wedding Ring Pattern
6. 3-ring Binders for storing his writing
5. Gold Towel Holder Rings
4. A Wind Chime made out of gold rings
3. Plates that are decorated with a single band of gold
2. 101 Ways to Fix Lembas Bread Cookbook
1. Mount Doom Lava Lamp
- Dinledhwen
Additions by Onone:

11. A pet tarantula
12. Gold polish
13. hula-hoop

Why Frodo left the Fellowship

10. He was tired of listening to Legolas and Gimli fight about what race was the best
9. He didn't want to follow Aragorn's orders
8. Merry and Pippin can get REALLY annoying
7. He wanted to paddle an Elf boat
6. He was hoping to keep away from Gollum
5. He heard that Mordor was a good place for a tan but no one else would listen
4. He was really sleep walking away
3. He heard the Uruk-Hai comming
2. Because 8 is not a lucky number

and the #1 reason he left the Fellowship

1. He heard Peter yell "LUNCH!" on the other shore
- Elvenstar

Ten Things Frodo Might have Heard, But Didn't

Gandalf: What, it's cursed and needs to be destroyed? I can't take it myself, but I'd be glad to put it in a bag and send it off with an Eagle for you.

Boromir: Boy, the Ring you have is sure calling to me.  How about I go ahead as a scout or something so I'm not so close to it?

Aragorn:  Forget Merry and Pippin - the way those hobbit families are, there'll be plenty more Tooks and Brandybucks were they came from, but there's only one Ringbearer!

Gollum:  Sssso sssorry we are, yes yes, sorry we bothered you. The preciousss is yours, fair and sssquare.

Faramir: The Ring...will go to Gondor. Wait, was that my "out loud" voice?

Sam: Sorry Mr. Frodo, this is my water-bottle, remember?

Pippin: Elrond's right, I'm too young for something like this. See you when you get back!

Tom Bombadil: For going on a dangerous quest, Ol' Tom he is the Master, and Tom he is a-doing it 'cause Tom, his feet are faster!

Galadriel: I think your quest is very, very, very important.  I'll send along a contingent of my best Elves to help you along the way and shoot, I might even come along myself!

The Eye: *blink blink* Oh, nevermind. It's just a hobbit. Carry on.
- Primula

Top 10 words of advice from Frodo's stylist

He was weathly, right? ;)

10. I promise you, sideburns are the latest trend!

9. With that complexion, green colored contacts would look fabulous!

8. Even if you are allergic to velvet, everyone is wearing it!

7. Perhaps you should wear slacks, to cover your knocked-knees

6. I've arranged for you to see the orthodontist about that space

5. Hot Wax should take care of your hairy foot problem

4. Suspenders? They are so 80's!

3. We really need to do something about your weight problem

2. Gah! Your nails make you look like a gardener

and the top 10 words of advice from Frodo's stylist:

Gold is out this year deary. Silver, Silver, Silver!!
- Rosie

Why did Frodo keep the Ring?

10 reasons why Frodo decided to keep the Ring

10: It was stuck on his finger and he couldn't get it off

9: It goes with everything in his wardrobe

8: He was thinking of giving it to Rosie and seeing if she'd marry him instead of Sam

7: He wanted to hit the road with the Ringwraiths and be in the next Harry Potter movie as a Dementor.

6: Everyone else cool in Middle earth has a ring

5: He was afraid Bilbo would disown him if he lost his family heirloom

4: It came in handy when he snuck into theaters to see LOTR over and over again

3: Invisible people don't have to wait in line

2: He was starting to enjoy the attention

and the #1 reason Frodo decided to keep the Ring....

... He couldn't think of a wish before he threw it in!

Okay, I'll leave the lists to the experts! *chuckle*
- Lothithil