Top Tens for Faramir

Poor Faramir

10... Boromir day came first.

9... He's steward of Gondor for all of, what, a day?

8... Gotta feel sorry for someone whose own father tries to kill him.

7... Insanity runs in his family... (in fact, it practically gallops!)

6... Two words: "Daddy's favorite"

5... Boromir got the horn.... Boromir got everything!

4... Growing up he must have been called stuff like "Shorty," and "The Kid."

3... In high school band Boromir got to play first chair brass, but Faramir had to play second fiddle.

2... His top ten list stops at no. 2

Hey! Whatcha lookin' down here for? I told you his top ten list stopped at number 2! ;-)
- onone

Addition by Gimli's Sister:

#2 1/2 - And when they played "Rangers and Goblins" - guess who got to play the Goblin?! 8 )

Top 10 reasons why Faramir never went on the Quest

10.He wanted to straighten things out with his dad
9. He thought Eowyn would like him better if he defended Gondor
8. He didn't like Elrond and so wasn't at Rivendell
7. He forgot to wake up that morning
6. He felt sick
5. Boromir snuck out before Faramir could catch him
4. Denethor grounded Faramir
3. Faramir was out of town when the Fellowship was formed
2. He was afraid to face Sauron

and the top 10 reason why Faramir didn't go on the quest

1. He saw into the future and saw that he would die, so he let Boromir go instead.

- Elvenstar

10.he thought that Faramir was too innocent
9. Faramir should go after the ring
8. there were too many goody-too-shoes
7. he knew that we would love Faramir more than Aragorn
6. there were things in the book that should be kept secret
5. he didn't want ANOTHER person helping the Hobbits
4. he was feeling wicked that day
3. David was getting on his nerves
2. he didn't want to use the quote, "if the Ring were on the side of the Road, still would I not touch it." (which I loved by the way)

and the number 1 reason why PJ changed Faramir...

1. Faramir's bribe wasn't big enough

- Elvenstar