Top Tens for Denethor

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Denethor's Top 10 Wish or Gift List
Top ten things Denethor would never say
Things Denethor Wouldn't Do
Things Denethor Lacked

Denethor's Top 10 Wish or Gift List
Running backwards to number 1.

10.To change Gondors theme song to "Hot Child in the City."
9.Replace the Tree of Gondor with a Wood Deck
8.Change the seat of the Steward to a recliner with a cup holder
7.A protective helmet(handy against white wizards)
6.A Flame retardent robe
5.A coleman grill
4.A bic lighter
3.A can of Kerosene
2.2 cases of Orc repellent

- Shiregirl9

Top ten things Denethor would never say:

10. Men, stand to your posts!
9. Should I grow a beard or not?
8. Who are you, Boromir or Faramir? I can't tell you two apart!
7. (singing) "Going to light my son on fire..."
6. Gandalf, you can win aganist Mordor.
5. Boromir's dead? I never liked him anyway!
4. My son's horn is broken? I was sick of listening to it anyway!
3. Gandalf, I like you, you have good counsol!
2. You sent the ring of power into Mordor? ok
1. Get me a knife and a fork!