LOTR Inspired Television Spin-Offs

Icarus, White Rider, samwisegirl, ElanorGamgee, Mithrandil, The Foe Hammer,
RosieCotton,  Argonath, Sauron’s Bane, Primula, Joyful, GaladrielTX, halavana,
Mr. Underhill, Lindorie, Elendil 101, Tinuviel, StefBrandybuck, Durnhelm.

The A-Fellowship, with Gandalf as Hannibal Smith, Legolas as the Face-man, Gimli as Mr. T, and Pippin as Murdock. 
- Icarus
Aragorn as Captain Kirk (natural born leader, of coure he would have a problem being called Captain maybe)
Legolas as Spock (he's got the pointy ears already)
Pippin as Bones (comedic talents and great one liners)
Gimli as Scotty (I can picture him in the Engine room, Ay-Ay Captain)
Frodo as Sulu (I have no idea why, always seems sweet and nice)
Merry as Checkov (comes up with good ideas)
Arwen as Ahura (dark haired beauty)
Saruman as Khan (always wanting power)
Cave Troll as a Klingon (ugly and mean)
Orcs as other Klingons (same as above)

Middle Earth Hillbillies:
Jed Clampitt: Gandalf
Granny: Galadriel
Jethro Bodine: Pippin
Elly-May Clampitt: Rosie
Mr. Drysdale: Saruman
Miss Jane: hmmmmm, this is a tough one....maybe Celeborn...hahahaha
- GaladrielTX

"Fellowship" as an alternative to "Friends"
"Gandalf" as an alternative to "Fraiser"
"Brandybuck" as an alternative to "Signfeld"(sp?)
"The Orc" as an alternative to "The Mole"
"Pints" as an alternative to "Cheers" (contribute to Pippin)
"The Race: Gondor" starring Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, on the one side and all of Mordor on the other."
"7th Grey Heaven"
"Unhappy Days"
- Elendil 101

Isengard Theater (Saruman hosting these spooky tales)
ShadowFax Beauty (no explanation needed here)
Mr. ShadowFax (a horse is a horse, of course, of course....)
Bewitchedking (instead of flying on a broom, on a dragon)
Orcsmoke (a western with an entire Orc cast)
The Troll Show (instead of banging a gong, they just bang your head)
Rivendell Squares (Elrond hosts the celebrity Elf panel)
- GaladrielTX

Eomer, Live!, Rosie and Sam: The Adventures of SuperHobbit, The Crebwain, Underground Force, Power Dunedain, MERB:Blue, Quantum Helm's Deep, Sauronfeld, Wonder Eowyn, The Deadmarshes Zone, Worst Case Scenario with your host: Boromir, Bowsmoke, The Love Elvish canoe, Leave it to Frodo, The Fresh Elf Prince of Middle Earth, Gimli: The uruk hai slayer, The Moria Zone with Balrog Serling, The Blackgate- SG1, Hobbit Hole Improvement, Denethor and Son, Frodo and the Man, The Facts of Strife, Emyn Muil 90210, Two fat Hobbits, Forever Night, Third Age, Crossing Anduin, Mirkwood Squares, Theoden King Live.
- Elanor Gamgee

Mystery Mechanical Palantir 3000
(Mystery Science Theatre 3000)


Gondorian Gladiators
(American Gladiators)

As The Woods Burn
(As The World Turns)

Smial Improvement
(Home Improvement)

The Stewards
(The Sopranos)

Meet the Council (of Elrond)
(Meet the Press)
- StefBrandybuck

Some that wouldn’t need changing at all:  Green Acres, Mr. Wizard, Power Rangers, Mr. Bean.

And the rest, in no particular order:

Orc and Mindy
Gimli Five-O
The Saruman from Atlantis
Touched by a Maia
Wild, Wild Westmarch
All My Hobbits
Little House on the Shire
Nine is Enough
Nine’s Company
RBI : Ring-bearer Investigation
The S-Files
The Orc Files
The Frodo Files
Everybody Loves Elrond
I Love Legolas
Celeborn’s Angels
Fellowship Ties
I Dream of Galadriel
My Elf and Hobbits
The West March
The Proudfeet Family
King of the Amon Hen
The Fellowship Feud
One Ring to Rule
Days of our Quests
Middle Earth’s Funniest Palantirs
The Wonderful World of Tolkien
Survivor: Mt. Doom
The Bracegirdle Bunch
When Good Maiar Go Bad
Sex and the White City
Married to an Elf
Frodo: The Coming-of-Age Hobbit
Point/Counterpoint starring Gollum
The Baggins Clan
I Love Rosie
Dr. Pippin: Medicine Hobbit
Married with Halflings
Middle Earth Idol
Middle Earth Eyeball
The Wormtongues on MTV
Rowing Pains with Sean Bean
Monty Pippin
Fangorn Knows Best
My Four Hobbits
My Two Humans
Dirty Red Dwarf
Elf Watch
Gimli’s Island
Hobbit54rodo, Where Are You?
Remington Took
Remington Mithril
Proudfoot and Mrs. Ring
Mr. HasufEd
Helm’s Deep Blues
Anduin Creek
Spin Gimli
Saved by the Dwarf
Beauty and the Troll
My Three Saurons
CSI:  Gondor
My Friend Shadowfax
Have Sword Will Travel
My Little Gimli
Anduin Hunt
Tales of the White City
Gondor 5-0
The Flying Dwarf
My Mother the Dwarf
Elf-Queen for a Day
Bowling for Hobbits
The $50,000 White Tower
The Untossables
Orthanc Improvement
This Old Smial
The Old Gaffer’s Workshop
Mighty Morphin’ Power Hobbits
The Late Show with Peregrin Took
The Power Took Boys
South Downs
Morgoth Place
Tower Hills 90210
Green Shires
Peregrin Junction
The Courtship of Aragorn’s Father
All in the Fellowship
The Bilbo Mac Show
The Streets of Rivendell