Middle Earth Parfumery

By Namarie and various posters to the Middle Earth Board:
Auntkimby35, Bluebell, Lizmybit, Lothithil, Memeloth, Peregrine, Pippin's Sunshine, Primula, seansbeanie, Tori*Took

The original story:

Middle Earth scented candles? A silly, yet funny Middle Earth moment at the local mall. 

On Sunday, my husband and I were strolling through the local shopping mall, when I spotted the White Barn Candle Company. They sell my favorite scented candles, and even better they were having a sale. So my husband, who couldn't care less about scented candles, follows me into the store. I proceeded to pop the tops off of various glass jars and sniff all the different candles labeled lavendar, kitchen spice, vanilla, etc. Every time I smelled one I liked, I would stick it under my husband's nose and ask for his opinion. After several minutes of this, he picked up a jar with a light green candle in it and pulled the top off. He held it out for me to smell. It smelled okay and I asked what scent it was supposed to be. He replied, "Wild Orc." I looked at him in disbelief, so he held out the lid to the jar with the label on it that indeed read "Wild Orc." I turned the lid around to the other side and saw that the whole label actually read "Wild Orchid," but the side of the label that caught his eye had been cut off. The ribbon around the jar overlapped and cut off the last 3 letters of the word orchid. This sent me into fits of laughter because I thought of all the scented candles that could possibly exist in Middle Earth, wild orc would definitely not be a best seller.


And the additional scents:

Sweaty Elf
Three-Day-Old Hobbit
Man Flesh Scent
Eau de Ranger
Cologne d'Undedain
Ithilien Pine
Flowers of the Shire
Rauros Mist
Gust of Gondor
Eau de Edoras
Rive Rivendell
Fragrant Frodo
Luscious Legolas
Sunflower Sam
Old Toby
Mt Doom
Galadriel's mirror
Ent Draught
Old Forest
Orthanc Flood
Fires of Industry
Rohan Stables
Cerin Amroth Bouquet
Farmer Maggot's Mushrooms
Galadriel's Glade
Bruinnen Mist
Ent Wash
Oil of Orthanc
Essence of Elanor
Old Gaffer
White City
Elven Essence
English Author
TTT du Toilette
Bill's Oats
Vanilla Valar
Green Door
Mushroom Melange
Spiced Cram