Gandalf Pager Top Ten
- ainalorn and Matt
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- ainalorn

stef: got ur #
dom: wicked
stef: wanna come over?
dom: cool
stef: sweet
dom: where r u
stef: NC - GSO airport
dom: can't go right now
stef: why?
dom: busy - sign lease tomorrow
stef: cool
dom: can u come here?
stef: not w/out $$$
dom: cool - check flights, call back

stef: got an itenerary - $2100
dom: cool - will email my cc #
stef: pick me up?
dom: sure
stef: gr8 - Delta 2140 4:10 PM at LAX
dom: signing lease at 3 - can u wait?
stef: u know I will
dom: c ya then

Merry to Pippin: hrooom
Pippin to Merry: hoom hrooom
Merry to Pippin: LOL hrrooooom
Pippin to Merry: ROTFL
Merry to Pippin: ROTFL
Pippin to Merry: shhhh - hes comin back

Gimli to Legolas: 36
Legolas to Gimli: darn - 34
Legolas to Gimli: ha - 38
Gimli to Legolas: 40 - nah nah
Legolas to Gimli: oooo
Legolas to Gimli: 41
Gimli to Legolas: grrr - 45

Merry to Pippin: got helmet - cool
Pippin to Merry: got tower guard stuff
Merry to Pippin: got shield - woo hoo
Pippin to Merry: what color
Merry to Pippin: brown jerkin
Pippin to Merry: silver & black
Merry to Pippin: cool - you rock
Pippin to Merry: i know

Merry to Estella: got a pony
Estella to Merry: cool - wh knd
Merry to Estella: Rohan knd
Estella to Merry: cool - riding now?
Merry to Estella: yep
Estella to Merry: v. good
Merry to Estella: luv u
Estella to Merry: luv u 2
Merry to Estella: wanna ride?
Estella to Merry: yep
Merry to Estella: hee hee
Estella to Merry: hey now
Merry to Estella: can't wait can ya?
Estella to Merry: stop it, pervy
Merry to Estella: hee hee
Estella to Merry: k - fine
Merry to Estella: smoooooch
Estella to Merry: smooooch bk
Merry to Estella: got 2 go - Theo comin
Estella to Merry: k - luv u
Merry to Estella: luv u 2 - byeeeee

Fatty to Merry: there yet?
Merry to Fatty: just over BW
Fatty to Merry: see them?
Merry to Fatty: nt yet
Fatty to Merry: k
Merry to Fatty: light ahead
Fatty to Merry: cool - F & P?
Merry to Fatty: yep - and Sam
Fatty to Merry: cool
Merry to Fatty: shrooms comin
Fatty to Merry: sweet
Merry to Fatty: dude
Fatty to Merry: sweet
Merry to Fatty: dude
Fatty to Merry: k - enough
Merry to Fatty: at BB ferry now
Fatty to Merry: k
Merry to Fatty: c ya n a bit
Fatty to Merry: k - careful

- StefBaggins