The Obsession of Acronyms List   (OoAL)

by Laerindae

This started with True-Hearted Easterling, and her OoF...of which she is not alone in being designated with this rather chemical-like designation.

Obsession of:

OoF = Frodo
OoM = Merry
OoP = Pippin
OoS = Sam
OoL = Legolas
OoGi = Gimli
OoGa = Gandalf
OoBo = Borormir
OoA = Aragorn (though I debated with using OoAr. ;p)
OoSt = if you like him in his Strider phase
OoBi = Bilbo
OoEl = Elrond
OoAw = Arwen (yes it's not the second letter, but it works bettter!)
OoGl = Glorfindel (just not fair he's not officially shown in the movie!)
OoH = Haldir (this one just kind of speaks for itself for Haldi fans)
OoGal = Galadriel
OoC = Celeborn
OoFa = Faramir
OoEm = Eomer
OoEn = Eowyn (because OoEw/OoEy just does not sound good for this lady)
OoTh = Theoden
OoGam = Gamling
OoGr = Grima
OoHa = Hama

OoBr = Brego (hey, we got horse fans, too!)
OoSf = Shadowfax
OoBtP = Bill the Pony
OoAs = Asfaloth
OoHf = Hasufel
OoAd = Arod
OoSn = Snowmane

And for those that love the bad guys:
OoGo = Gollum
OoSm = Smeagol (or put them together for OoGoSm)
OoSa = Sauron
OoSar = Saruman
OoO = Orcs
OoLu = Lurtz
OoSh = Shelob