Favorite Movie Moments - The Return of the King

Magic Moment # 1
Set-up: Aragorn's coronation
When Aragorn says to the hobbits "My friends, you bow to no one."
Contributed by: Aireal, Queen of Gondor & many others

Magic Moment # 2
Set-up: The slopes of Mt. Doom.
The determination of Frodo, dragging himself up the slope of Mt. Doom before collapsing and then Sam's courageous "I can't carry it for you...but I can carry you!"
Contributed by: Sinthor, Elanor Gamgee, Arwen75

Magic Moment # 3
Set-up: The arrival of the Corsair ships.
Aragorn leaping over the side of the boat. The look on his face is fantastic. ...then the ghosts appear suddenly behind them to the scared and shocked faces of the orcs.
Contributed by: GondorianGirl and Flame of Thangorodrim

Magic Moment # 4
Set-up: Pelennor fields as Theoden is dying.
Eowyn's words: "I am going to save you" and Theoden's words, "You already did.....I go now to the Halls of my Forefathers in whose presence I shall not now feel ashamed." This scene breaks my heart and makes me cry every time I see it.
Contributed by: Namarie, NorthStar

Magic Moment # 5
Set-up: After Mt. Doom's eruption.
Sam's broken recitation of his memory: "Rosie Cotton, with ribbons in her hair. If I was ever to marry someone, it would have been her...It would have been her..."
Contributed by: Primula

Magic Moment # 6
Set up: The Black Gates, surrounded by all the Mordor Orcs.
Aragorn turns with a tear in his eye, then yells "For Frodo!"
In TTT in all of Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli's scenes, it seemed to me that they have forgotten dear Frodo and Sam (I know they didn't really but it seems like that to me, never talking about him or saying "Boy, I hope those guys are OK." But then it's like they remember what it is all about and it just brought tears to my eyes to hear it...

Contributed by: Just about everybody

Magic Moment # 7
Set-up: Gandalf and Pippin entering Denethor's hall.
Pippin, seeing the cloven Horn of Gondor upon Denethor's lap, has a flash of memory of Boromir being wounded as he attempts to save him and Merry, and proceeds to speak of it, and swear fealty to Denethor as a way of repaying his debt to Boromir.
Magic because it was just what I was hoping to see, in just the right place for a memory of Boromir. A short moment, but very sweet!

Contributed by: Linaewen

Magic Moment # 8
Set-up:  Gandalf and Pippin riding to Minas Tirith.
They come over the rise to see Minas Tirith ahead of them, and then riding Shadowfax through the gates and up through each level of the City, until they pass through the tunnel to the Citadel, and the White Tree is there, and the Tower of Ecthelion, and Mordor facing the City, fiery red across the River. That first sight of the city takes my breath away.
Contributed by: Linaewen and Arwen75

Magic Moment # 9
Set-up: The Charge of the Rohirrim.
The horns of Rohan blowing, and the sight of thousands of Riders topping the rise, with the dawn behind them.
Contributed by: Linaewen and Flame of Thangorodrim

Magic Moment # 10
Set-up: . The Pelennor Fields.
After Legolas has gone through extrodinary heroics to bring down an Oliphaunt/ Mumakil and its Easterling crew, with a straight face Gimli informs him "That still only counts as one."
Contributed by: Strideresq, Flame of Thangorodrim, Dinledhwen

Magic Moment # 11
Set-up:  Theoden's death.
When Eowyn is speaking to a dying Theoden and he echoes his word from TTT, "I know your face. . ." and she smiles that beautiful sweet smile, with tears in her eyes, just as in TTT. That TTT scene never fails to move me, and it was sweet to have that same connection occur in ROTK.
I started crying then and pretty much had the sniffles through the rest of the film.
Contributed by: Linaewen and Strideresq

Magic Moment # 12
Set-up: Frodo wakes up after Mt. Doom
Frodo lying in his bed in Minas Tirith and the Fellowship surrounds him, so joyful when the Fellowship comes together again in Frodo's room.... The pure joy and wonder on his face as he sees Gandalf, and then the overflowing joy of the whole Fellowship as they are all reunited. Makes me sob every time!... the Look between Sam & Frodo when Frodo wakes up! It's a look of complete and total unconditional love. I get the feeling that nothing need to be said between these two. Their faces say it all! (sigh)
Contributed by:  Queen of Gondor , Flame of Thangorodrim, Frodo Baggins, Lizmybit and others

Magic Moment # 13
Set-up: Frodo's narration in Bag End
His comments about the personal pain, sacrifice, and loss that he has experienced:
"How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on when you begin to understand in your heart that you can never go back? There are some wounds that time cannot heal, some hurts that go too deep...."
Contributed by Namarie, Queen of Gondor and Isilwen

Magic Moment # 14
Set-up: Frodo on the rock surrounded by lava
...standing up straight, when the Ring-madness vanished from his face, his sudden clarity and his joyful gasps, "It's gone! It's done!" ...His whole restoration to sanity, as he is able to once again be there for Sam.
Contributed by: Mrs. Frodo

Magic Moment # 15
Set-up: The slopes of Mt. Doom
The part that brought me to tears this afternoon--just the sight of poor, battered Frodo crawling inch by inch on his belly in his blind determination to get to the Crack of Doom. The raw, heartrending courage....
Contributed by: Mrs. Frodo

Magic Moment # 16
Set-up:  At the Grey Havens.
That Look. That reassuring, spine-tingling Look. You know of what I speak.
Contributed by: Mrs. Frodo

Magic Moment # 17
Set-up: In the tower of Minas Tirith.
When Pippin rescues Faramir from the pyre. I was reminded anew why he named his son for this noble prince of Ithilien.
Contributed by: Aunt Kimby

Magic Moment # 18
Set up: Mount Doom.
Frodo hanging over the precipice with a look of despair and hoplessness in his eyes. Sam reaching out towards him and saying,
"Don't you let go." (my mind wants to add, "Don't you dare let go, Mr. Frodo." but I don't know if that was actually a part of the dialogue!) The change that came over Frodo right at that moment was incredibly palpable. It was like watching warmth spread through him as the hope was restored by Sam and his heart full of hope.  Also that exact moment when he grasps Sam's hand.

Contributed by: melbryn and many others

Magic Moment # 19
Set-up: Shelob's Lair Right after Shelob stings Frodo .
Frodo's heart wrenching gasps for breath and the foam bubbling in his mouth just before he collapses.

Contributed by: casper

Magic Moment # 20 .
Set-up: After Shelob. Sam is cradling Frodo in his arms.
Sam's heart stopping line of "Frodo, Mr. Frodo! Don't leave me alone. It's your Sam calling. Don't go where I can't follow! Wake up Mr. Frodo! O Wake up!"

Contributed by: casper

Magic Moment # 21
Set-up: On the Pelennor Fields.
Eowyn is about to finish off the Witch King: when she pulls off her helmet and says "I am no man!" then when she slays him, though it pains her to do so.
Contributed by: Mathom and Frodo Baggins

Magic Moment # 22
Set-up: Outside Minas Tirith.
Gandalf riding out with his staff shining to chase the Nazgul away from the retreating knights from Osgiliath when the city is overrun.
Contributed by: Queen of Gondor

Magic Moment # 23
Set-up: The Citadel of Minas Tirith.
Denethor yelling to his men to retreat from their posts while they are about to be beseiged by Mordor, and Gandalf comes and beats him with his staff and tells the men to return to their posts.
Contributed by Queen of Gondor

Magic Moment # 24
Set-up: Edoras, sighting the beacon.
After Gandalf gets Pippin to climb up and light the beacon to call for Rohan's aid, then Aragorn seeing the beacon lit, runs (quite fast by the way) to report it to Théoden.

Contributed by Queen of Gondor

Magic Moment # 25
Set-up: The lighting of the beacon fires.
When Gandalf says It's the deep breath before the plunge, also that majestic sweep over the mountains with the music.
Contributed by: Sinthor and Krymas


Magic Moment # 26
Set-up: Edoras.
"The beacons are lit. Gondor calls for aid..."
Theoden's pause, the tension in the hall, then the controlled, fierce joy as he responds with "And Rohan shall answer!"
Contributed by: Primula

Magic Moment # 27
Set-up: At the Black Gate.
Gimli says, "I never thought I'd die beside an Elf."
Legolas says, "How about beside a friend?"
Gimli says, "I could do that!"

Contributed by: Queen of Gondor

Magic Moment # 28
Set-up: Sam falling down the stairs of Minas Morgul.
When he sees the lembas, he crushes the lembas in his hand and looks up the stairs with realization, anger and intent. We know he is going back.
Contributed by: Lilywillow

Magic Moment # 29
Set-up:  The seige of Minas Tirith.
Gandalf explaining to Pippin the meaning of death, as the Into the West theme slowly begins to play in the background. Hugely powerful moment! The look in Pippin's eyes as Gandalf tells him about the white shores..."That doesn't seem so bad"
Contributed by: KingundertheMountain, Flame of Thangorodrim, samwisegirl...and others!

Magic Moment # 30
Set-up: Shelob's Lair.
When Frodo remembers the Light of Earendil and speaks the Elvish lines from the books (at last!).
Contributed by: Primula

Magic Moment # 31
Set-up: Edoras
I was surprised by bursting into tears when Gandalf and Pippin leave Edoras on Shadowfax and Merry is running up the stairs, pushing past the guard, with Aragorn following him until he reaches the top and he watches them ride toward Gondor.   Aragorn calling after him. "Merry!' Such desperation, and a desire to follow while having to stay behind.
Contributed by: Ladyhawk, Primula and Middle Earth Munchkin

Magic Moment # 32
Set-up: Shelob's Lair
When Frodo first whispers, Sam, and you know he realizes fully his mistake sending Sam away.

Contributed by: Ladyhawk

Magic Moment # 33
Set-up: The Black Gate.
Aragorn's speech at the Black Gate. Not this day!
Contributed by: Ladyhawk and Cedar Rapids Born

Magic Moment # 34
Set-up: Also at the Black Gate
When Aragorn hears Sauron whisper his name and he walks forward? Then he turns and with tears in his eyes he says, "For Frodo."
Hmmm... I just realized that this is not the first time he has heard Sauron whisper his name. Whew...

Contributed by: Joyful

Magic Moment # 35
Set-up: The Black Gate
When Mt. Doom goes and Merry and Pippin cry "Frodo!", running ahead of the others with Aragorn.
Contributed by: Ladyhawk and LuLu

Magic Moment # 36
Set-up: The lighting of the beacons.
The grand sweep across the mountains, the music, the glory of it!
Contributed by: Several people

Magic Moment # 37
Set-up: The Citadel of Minas Tirith
Pippin's bittersweet song to Denethor interspersed with the scenes of Faramir riding in a suicide charge out to Osgiliath.
Contributed by: Flame of Thangorodrim, Primula,  Isilwen and Krymas

Magic Moment # 38
Set-up: The Pelennor Fields.
The entire encounter between Eowyn/Merry with the Witch king of Angmar.
Contributed by: Flame of Thangorodrim

Magic Moment # 39
Set-up: Minas Tirith
Gandalf and Pippin talking about hope and the quietness when the signal rises from Morgul Vale.
Contributed by: Flame of Thangorodrim

Magic Moment # 40
Set-up: Aragorn's Coronation
Aragorn singing the words of Elendil, accepting his crown while the flower petals showered down.
Contributed by: Flame of Thangorodrim and Bluebell

Magic Moment # 41
Set-up: The Black Gate, looking into Mordor
Barad-dur's destruction and the huge eruption from Orodruin.
Contributed by: Flame of Thangorodrim

Magic Moment # 42
Set-up:  The Shire
When the hobbits return to the Shire, when they give an amusing smile and nod to a scowling Mr. Proudfoot.
Contributed by: Flame of Thangorodrim and Avondster

Magic Moment # 43
Set-up: Mt. Doom, Frodo and Sam on the small outcropping.
Frodo hugging Sam, to support him this time.
Contributed by: Vik

Magic Moment # 44
Set-up:  The Charge of the Rohirrim
When Eowyn Cheers after Theoden the third time when they arrive on the Pellenor Fields. (shiver)
Contributed by: Tom Cotton

Magic Moment # 45
Set-up:  Mt. Doom
When Frodo, on the slopes of Mt. Doom and surrounded by fire, doom, and ruin, realizes that "It's gone! It's over!"
Contributed by: Frodo Baggins

Magic Moment # 46
Set-up:  The Black Gate
When Aragorn is knocked over by the Troll at the battle of the Morannon and Legolas struggles desperately to reach him... I love that moment. It makes Legolas so ... human, I guess, just for a moment.

Contributed by: Frodo Baggins

Magic Moment # 47
Set-up:  Minas Tirith
Faramir riding out of Minas Tirith with his followers, flowers being strewn in their wake, and then charging, without hope, to Osgiliath with Pippin singing to Denethor in the background.
Contributed by: Silmarien and Krymas

Magic Moment # 48
Set-up:  Frodo waking up in Minas Tirith
In the bedroom scene when Frodo wakes up and all the Fellowship comes to welcome him : I love the wistful smile on Sam's face when he's leaning at the door.
Contributed by: Rosie Cotton

Magic Moment # 49
Set-up: The stables of Edoras
Merry & Pippin at the stables. "We'll see each other soon, won't we?"
"I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen..." Merry choking up and Pippin looking at him in fear and wonder and then that heart-tearing cry: "Merry!"

Contributed by: Avondster

Magic Moment # 50
Set-up: The Pelennor Fields
When Pippin finds Merry wounded, and says he will care for him.

Contributed by: Avondster


Magic Moment # 51
Set-up: The Paths of the Dead
Aragorn, Gimli & Legolas in Paths of the Dead - when the ghost city appears and the dead king says "The way is shut...it was made by those who are dead." Then in the circle of the dead as King of the Dead swings his sword down to attack Aragorn and Anduril stops it.

Contributed by: Arwen75 and haldir27

Magic Moment # 52
Set-up: After Shelob's lair, near Cirith Ungol
He collapses and lands at the feet of Galadriel. - His look of renewed determination before he takes Galadriel's hand.... Frodo has just escaped Shelob's Lair and dispatched Gollum (wrong on both counts) and he collapses with exhaustion and despair with Sam's name on his lips. He falls, not on cold stone but a soft green lawn, maybe on the grounds of Cairn Amroth, where it was written that his memory would linger forever. Galadriel gives him a hand up and a magical smile. Maybe it is because this was totally a creation of PJ's and completely unexpected, my heart cheered, even though I knew a darker path lay just ahead.
Contributed by: She-Elf, Lothithil

Magic Moment # 53
Set-up: The Charge of the Rohirrim
When the Rohirrim lined up on the crest of the hill. It is Theoden's call  to arms, as he rides down the line hitting spear with sword, and he turns to face the enemy and shouts, "Forth Eorlingas!"  also the way they orcs are completely obliterated under their hooves, such a fierce joy!
Contributed by Anarelen and Bluebell

Magic Moment # 54
Set-up: Edoras, after Pippin looks in the Palantir
Gandalf runs over to cover it and yells. "Fool of a Took" and turns to yell at Pippin. But when he sees him, this fatherly look of concern passes over his face and he rushes to the smallest of the hobbits and (I think his favorite) and shoves Merry aside to get to him. I really liked that.
Contributed by Elanor Gamgee

Magic Moment # 55
Set-up: Mt. Doom
The "Cradling Elijah" scene. When Frodo say's He is naked in the dark, there is no veil between him and the great wheel of fire.

Contributed by: Lizmybit

Magic Moment # 56
Set-up:  The Grey Havens
When Frodo gave his final hug then kiss Sam's forehead and all the way he kept so calm and peaceful. The way it mirrored the blessing of Galadriel upon Frodo.

Contributed by: Lulu, Primula, Cedar Rapids Born

Magic Moment # 57
Set-up: The Black Gate
When Mt. Doom explodes and the camera shows each Fellowship face... each expression that originated as joy (that the evil reign has ended) changing to the realization (as the mountain explodes) that Frodo and Sam might not have survived...
Contributed by: Star Thrower and terryjane

Magic Moment # 58
Set-up: Sammath Naur
Frodo takes Sam's hand, and then the Ring melts.
Contributed by: sarahstitcher

Magic Moment # 59
Set up: Cirith Ungol
Sam going after Frodo after the orcs have taken him to the tower and he races up the stairs, is confronted by several orcs and dispatches them with, "That's for Frodo! And for the Shire! And that's for my old Gaffer!" Go Sam!!

Contributed by: Old Toby

Magic Moment # 60

Set-up: The smithies of Rivendell
I got a big smile seeing the Elven smiths (finally) reforging the sword of Elendil.

Contributed by: Lothithil

Magic Moment # 61
Set-up: On the way to the Grey Havens
Bilbo laying his head on Frodo's shoulder and Frodo's look of loss when he mentions the Ring. When he closes his eyes and leans his fair face against his Uncle's head, my heart cries!
Contributed by: Lothithil

Magic Moment # 62
Set-up: Minas Morgul
When the Wraithking shrieks, and Frodo feels the pain of his knife-wound again... I get chilled everytime I see it! This part of the book always grips me!

Contributed by: Lothithil

Magic Moment # 63
Set-up: Sammath Naur
When Gollum bites off Frodo's finger. I reeled in sympathetic pain and horror! I saw in my mind Beren's hand bitten off by the Wolf, and Maedhros's hand cut away by Fingon, rescuing him from Thangorodrim... graphic and completely perfect for Tolkien's mythology! ...When Elijah Wood was up on the screen screaming in agony it was heart wrenching... It was so difficult to watch. It was amazing, nothing but terrified tears of worry. Peter Jackson brought that scene to life so amazingly well!
Contributed by Lothithil and frodosluver4ever

Magic Moment # 64
Set-up: Shelob's Lair
Shelob's Lair: Frodo is stung by Shelob, and falls 'bonelessly' into her claws and she begins to wrap him in webs.... *shudder*
... also the death-like pallor on Frodo's face when Sam pulls away the webs, and believes that Frodo has laid aside his burden at last... (sob!)

Contributed by Lothithil

Magic Moment # 65
Set-up: The Pelennor Fields
After we have already seen the Rohirrim battle successfully with so many orcs after the sounding of the soulful horns & battle cries. King Theoden looks around the fields to see many slain orc and at first it is as if all is well and better than he anticipated... but then he sees the Mumakil advancing on them all with an even greater army, and he seems to have a sense of his own impending doom; but still he gathers the riders to form the line anew and face this new daunting challenge.
At that moment, I was just so caught up in the film that I swear I felt like I was right there in Middle Earth--and what a magical moment it was! Did anyone else feel this sense of awe? I remember thinking, "This movie is an absolute masterpiece!"

Contributed by: You-Shall-Not-Pass! and Bluebell

Magic Moment # 66
Set-up: Minas Morgul
When Frodo turns and begins to totter toward the Dead City, and Sam and Gollum literaly have to pull him backwards and then the huge noise of the answering cry of Minas Morgul and the signal to go to war.... it knocks them over like leaves, and nearly knocked me from my theater seat!
Contributed by: Lothithil

Magic Moment # 67
Set-up: The opening scene with Smeagol and Deagol.
When Deagol finds the Ring. I love the way it was delivered: he crawls onto the bank, gasping for air and gazing gratefully at the sun, then he stares at his closed fist and slowly opens it... lo! what is this shiny gold ring I found in the mud? The look in Smeagol's eyes as he looks over Deagol's shoulder makes me want to scream, "No, don't look! It will devour your soul!"

Contributed by: Lothithil

Magic Moment # 68
Set up: The Citadel of Minas Tirith.
The comments from Gandalf to Pippin about what he should not say to Denethor about Boromir, Aragorn, Frodo’s errand and especially the last excellent line (which I don’t remember exactly), “Maybe it would be better if you didn’t speak at all.”

Contributed by: Bregalad

Magic Moment # 69
Set-up: Dunharrow
Elrond telling Aragorn to be the King he was meant to be and Aragorn pulling Anduril out of the scabbard.
Contributed by: Bregalad

Magic Moment # 70
Set-up: The Paths of the Dead
Gimli resolving to enter after Aragorn and Legolas because he would never live it down if an Elf went where a Dwarf feared to go.

Contributed by: Bregalad

Magic Moment # 71
Set-up: Aragorn's coronation
Scene: Legolas’ appearance looking for the first time like a prince of Elves.

Contributed by: Bregalad

Magic Moment # 72
Set-up: Minas Tirith
Faramir sees Pippin for the first time: That look in Pippin's eyes "You've seen Frodo and Sam!?!" and the beautiful shot of Pippin after, when he raises his eyes to Gandalf and asks "What's wrong", after they speak of Cirith Ungol. Billy Boyd stole my heart in that scene!
Contributed by: Lothithil and Primula

Magic Moment # 73
Set-up:  The Citadel of Minas Tirith
Faramir's rejection by Denethor - the look on Faramir's face when Denethor agrees that he wished their places had been changed.
Contributed by : Krymas

Magic Moment # 74
Set-up: Dunharrow
Eowyn as Dernhelm scooping up the dejected Merry. "Ride with me." and his discovery and delight. "My Lady!"
Contributed by Primula

Magic Moment # 75
Set-up:  Mt. Doom
"Clever hobbitses to climb so high" -  the scene were Gollum leaps down on Frodo while he is being carried by Sam: Gollum tackles Frodo and catchs him by the throat... that scene was made more potent by the opening scene of Deagol and Smeagol. We learned the deadly strength of those grasping hands, and when it occurs on screen, I forget to breathe myself!
Contributed by: Lothithil


Magic Moment # 76
Set-up: Shelob's first full appearance
He both gave a jump but we were literally drooling over the magnificance of her. She is a marvalous creation and looks so amazingly real, it sends shivers up your back (and no, not aracnaphobic shivers)! She has a splendor!
Contributed by: frodosluvr4ever

Magic Moment # 77
Set-up: On the outcropping after Mt. Doom
When Sam and Frodo are on the rock, Sam says he would have married Rosie, then that moment when Frodo turns to look at Sam, and Frodo puts his arm around Sam to comfort him. Oh..so sweet, so sad. It's a beautiful expression of their love.
Contributed by: gaeranna

Magic Moment # 78
Set-up:  Dunharrow
Anduril coming out from under Elrond's robe, and Aragorn drawing it. In spite of this being *the* most stitched-together, disjointed, *HUNH?* scene in the entire movie (IMHO), that reveal is sooo juicy! There's just the right amount of slo-mo, the exactly best camera angles, etc. Boy, if you didn't know this was a special sword, you know it now! And the effect it has on Aragorn.... He has one of those moments Frodo has been having all along, the equivalent of closing his hand on the Ring, "what must I do?"
Contributed by: sarahstitcher

Magic Moment # 79
Set-up: The Black Gate
Pippin's crys of "The Eagles! The Eagles are coming!" I *loved* seeing those magnificent eagles raking the Nazgúl steeds!
Contributed by: Lothithil

Magic Moment # 80
Set-up: Edoras, after Pippin steals the Palantir
Gandalf takes Pippin's hand and he looks lifeless! Poor Pippin looked so childlike with Gandalf's large hands cradling his face!
Contributed by: Lothithil

Magic Moment # 81
Set-up: The stairs of Cirith Ungol
When Frodo believes Smegol's deception and sends Sam away - heart-rending!
Contributed by: Flip the Supercat

Magic Moment # 82
Set-up: Sam overhears Gollum plotting with his reflection.
When Sam goes for him, beating on him. It was such a righteous anger, a "Get him, Sam!" moment.
Contributed by: Flip the Supercat

Magic Moment # 83
Set-up: Edoras, outside the stables.
Merry telling Pippin off before Gandalf takes him to Minas Tirith is another scene that grips my heart. Pippin just doesn't get it, until his more clever friend spells it out for him. "They think you have the Ring! (you can hear his accent on the hard 'g') We've got to get you out of here!"

Contributed by: Lothithil

Magic Moment # 84
Set-up:  Leaving Dunharrow
The sight of all those Rohirrim streaming out to assemble for battle - amazing!
Contributed by:  haldir27

Magic Moment # 85
Set-up: The seige of Minas Tirith
Pippin finally finding his courage and killing an orc, then Gandalf's admiring comment, "Guard of the Citadel indeed!"
Contributed by: Frodo Baggins

Magic Moment # 86
Set-up: The tower of Minas Morgul
Sam finding Frodo again in the tower; Frodo's look of disbelief, relief, and joy. 
Contributed by: Frodo Baggins

Magic Moment # 87
Set-up:  The tower of Minas Morgul
As the orc is about to "stick" Frodo, the tip of Sting emerges from his chest, glowing blue, then Sam's frierce "Not if I stick you first!"  Also the detail that Sting stops glowing as soon as the orc is dead - well done!
Contributed by: Primula

Magic Moment # 88
Set-up: Sammath Naur
As Sam comes through the smoke and fume in the mountain and you see a very small Frodo standing kind of hunched over at the very end of the cliff. He just looks so small and vulnerable there. He *is* a Hobbit of the Shire there and then not very long after that scene you see his wicked smile as he claims the ring. ::shudder:: Yes, in some ways, I would have loved to hear the line from the book. "I choose now not to do this thing" (or something like that) but that look on Elijah's face. Wow!! He just captures the evil of the ring.
Contributed by: Hobbitlove

Magic Moment # 89
Set-up:  Cirith Ungol
As Frodo is being wrapped up by Shelob and you see the tip of Sting come into view and THEN Sam's voice. Leave him alone you filth!! And then the look of worry as Shelob just DROPS Frodo to the ground.  That first shot of Sam, his face 'shining' in the light of Earendil he holds aloft, looking like I've never seen him before, saying: "let him go, you filth..."
Contributed by: Hobbitlove and Avondster

Magic Moment # 90
Set-up: Shelob's Lair
When Frodo is wandering in the dark in Shelobs Lair and he's calling for Smeagol. The moment that he stops calling for Smeagol and calls for Sam with tears in his eyes as he's just realized his folly in sending him away and wishing beyond all hope that Sam is still somewhere with him.

Contributed by: Hobbitlove

Magic Moment # 91
Set-up: Minas Tirith, the coronation
Mentioned above somewhere, but the sweep of the camera up to the top of Minas Tirith for the Coronation. It's right after the look between Sam and Frodo in his room in Ithilien and the music and seeing the whole place filled with people and the blossoms from the white tree floating on the breeze. Ahh! the whole scenes brings me to my knees!
Contributed by: Hobbitlove

Magic Moment # 92
Set-up: Dunharrow
Aragorn tries to sneak out of camp and Gimli sneaks up " where are you going laddie" and Legolas comes out of hiding too...both telling him that they're coming with him, no arguing
Contributed by: boriel

Magic Moment # 93
Set up: Pippin and Gandalf talk in Minas Tirith while looking out toward Minas Morgul.
I love it when the green light flares, Pippin looks scared and uncertain, and Gandalf moves over and puts a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Contributed by: Middle Earth Munchkin

Magic Moment # 94
Set-up: Mt. Doom
Frodo and Sam in final stages on Mt Doom - the accompaniment of the mournful pipe, playing "Hobbit" music.
Contributed by: Krymas

Magic Moment # 95
Set-up: Dunharrow
The hope and despair of Eowyn when Aragorn tells he cannot give her the love she seeks.
Contributed by: Primula and Bluebell

Magic Moment # 96
Set-up: Arwen riding to the Grey Havens
Arwen riding through the forest on her way to the Grey Havens - her vision of Aragorn and their son Eldarion. And then the way she speaks to Elrond: "You saw my son." Great line.
Contributed by: Eowyn of Ithilien

Magic Moment # 97
Set-up: The great square of Minas Tirith, just after Aragorn's coronation
The look on the King's face when Arwen appears with her banner...definitely not a book-moment but I loved Aragorn's reaction! By kissing his queen like that he immediately won the hearts of his people for sure!

Contributed by: Eowyn of Ithilien

Magic Moment # 98
Set-up: Sam and Rosie's wedding
The smile on Pippin's face when that Hobbit girl next to him (supposedly it's Diamond) smiles at him after he catches the bouquet
Contributed by: Rosie Cotton

Magic Moment # 99
Set-up:  Faramir's ride to Osgiliath
When Faramir and his men ride out of the city there is a shot looking back and you can see Minas Tirith through the heat waves behind all the horsemen. It made it look so real.
Contributed by: Simien

Magic Moment # 100
Set-up: The end.
"Well, I'm back."  To have that famous ending line really be the last line in the movie, in spite of Sam and family going into the Gaffer's house instead of Bad End...so very satisfying.
Contributed by: Primula