LOTR Classic Book Titles

by Rayvah with

AngryPixie, Balrog, blue eyes, Dandy, Joyful,  Lady of the Shire, Ladyhawk, Lilywillow, Lindorie, Lithilien Quicksilver,
Melkor’s Sister, Mithiethel, seansbeanie, Primula, Simien, StefBrandybuck, suzie sheelf ,Talagawen and TrebleMaker.

The original list by Rayvah:

Death of a Saruman
The Prince and the Pippen
Number the Istaris
The Grapes of Wraith
Of Moths and Men
A Tale of Two Towers
A Cahadaras Carol
The Adventures of Ian Holmes
The Adventures of Buckleberry Finn
20,000 Leagues Under the Shire
The Man Who Would be King (The Unauthorized Biography on Aragorn, Son of
The Jungle Took
The Portait of a Legolas
Treasure Isengard
The Lurtz of the Mohicans
Aragorn's Adventures in Wonderland
The Secret Garden (Sam's Tale)
The Three Hobbiteers (+1)
Frodo Fables
The Catcher in the Eye
The Old Elf and the Sea
To Kill a Mocking Boromir
The Great Gaffer
A Farewell to Orcs
A Raisin in the Sam
As I Lay Dying (Boromir's Tale)
Dr. Elrond and Mr. Frodo
The OrcSlayer
The Joy Legolas Club (Umm.... no comment)
The House of the Seven Gandolfs
The Sam and the Fury
Merry Ado About Nothing (My first choice was Moby-Dick, but ah.... no)

And the additions:

A Cask of Amon-Hen, To Go
A CT Yankee in King Elessar’s Court
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Lothlorien
A Hobbit Holiday
A Hobbit Maid's Tale
A Midsummer Night's Butterbur Comedy
A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare
A New Ring
A Shire Hobbit in King Theoden's Court
A Small House at Hobbiton (for Vison)
A Swiftly Falling Palantir
A Wizard in Time
A Wind in the Downs
Abducters of the Lost Hobbits
Alice in Dunland
All the Rings of Pern
Allofthem Twisted
An Adventure To Remember
And Galadriel’s Mirror Crack’d
Aniron Farm
Another Wraith
Aragorn’s Magic Lamp
Around Middle Earth in 80 Days
Asfaloth Farm
Back to The Shire
Balin Jones Diary
Bag End Interiors
The Balrog, the Wizard and the Dark Lord
Barefoot in The Shire
Big Red (eye)
Bilbo, Come Home
Bilbo Republic
Bilbo Takes a Holiday
The Black Nazgul
The Black Nazgul Returns
For the Ring: Blast from the Past
Boromir Down
Boromir Covet’s It: the Unbeliever
Breakfast at Bag End
Breakfast at Rivendell
Bree and Sympathy
Bree Murder Mystery
Bridge over the River Brandywine
The Buckleberry Tales
Butterburs are Free
Bye-Bye Baggins
Bywater Sammy & Rose
The Cask of Barliman Butterbur
Catch 9
Catcher in the Eye
The Cave Troll at the End of this Book
The Cave Trolls are Due on Bree Street
Celeborn Free
The Chronicles of Numenor
Citizen Celeborn
Clear and Present Ranger
Come We're Lost
The Crebain (Quoth the crebain, “Nevermore!”)
The Curse of the Hierloom
Cyrano de Balrog
The Dark Lord Only Rings Once
The Day of the Twisted
Deconstructing Tommy Bombadil
Dr Saruman or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Ring
The Dunedain Strikes Back
Earendil Memories
East of Eregion
Elessar Ceasar
The Elf-Princess Bride
The Elrond Strikes Back
The Elves, The Muumuu, and The Wardrobe
Elvish Games
The Eregion Nights
Everything you Wanted to know about Hobbits but were Afraid to Ask
Everyone says "Baggins"
The Exploits of Shagrat Holmes
Fear of Frying
The Fell-Tale Heart
The Flying Nunzgul
For Whom the Bill Toils
For Whom the Nazgul Cries
Frodo & The 8 Hoods
Frodo and Goliath
Frodo and The Cracks of Doom
Frodo and The Last Crusade
Frogmorten Down
From Here to Mt. Doom
For Gimli: Galadriel and the Smitten Dwarf
Gandalf, The Big-Nosed Ring-fearer
Gimliver’s Travels
Goblins of Wrath
The Gollum That Stole Precious
Gollum with the Wind
Gondorian Candidate
Gone with the Ring
Green Eggs and Crispy Bacon
Green Eggs from Sam
Grey Havens Ending
Guess Why Gollum Got Thinner
Guys and Trolls
Gwaihir is my Co-Pilot
H. Rider Haggert’s Shelob
Hairy Spider and the Earendil’s Stone
Hairy Spider and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Have Ring, Will Travel
Heart of Darklord
Heart of Orcness
Hitch hiker's guide to Middle Earth
The Hobbit Diaries
Hobbit Run
The Hobbit Who Knew Too Much
The Holly Bridle
Homer’s “The Imladris” & “The Osgiliath”
The Horse and His Wizard
Hound of The Sackville-Baggins
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Moria?
How to Succeed in Rangering Without Even Trying
The Hunt for Two Lost Hobbits
The Hunt for the Red Eye
Hush, Hush Sweet Gollum Inherit the Ring
I Just Met a Mine Named Moria,
I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right over the Falls!
It's a Wonderful Ring
Jason and the Argonath
Journey to the Middle of the Earth
King Aragorn and the Last Crusaders
The Last Temptation of Boromir
Le Morte de Boromir
Leaves of Mallorn
For Legolas: Legally Blonde
Les Miserhobbits
Little Hobbits
Looking For Mister Ringbear(er)
Lord Pippin
Lost in Middle Earth
The Man From Eriador
The Man in the Uruk Mask
The Mask of Sauron
Meet Me In Mordor
Meet The Hobbits
Meriadoc of Brandybuck Farm
Merry Pippins
Merryo & Pippinette
For Aragorn and Arwen: Middle Earth's Sweathearts
Mighty Galadriel
Mordor on the Earendil Express
Mordor on $10 a day
Mordor Sky
The Moria Chronicles
Mr. Bilbo Builds His Dream House
Mr. Underhill goes to Mordor
Much Ado About Nazgul
My Cousin Merry
My Fair Hobbit
My Fair Legolas
My Friend Frodo
My Friend Grima
Never Cry Warg
The 9 Voyagers of Frodo the Bearer
Old Yellerteeth
On a Wing and a Nazgul
One Fishhh, Two Fishhh, Red Fishhh, Blue Fishhh
One Flew Over Gwaihir's Nest
One Went Over the Waterfall
Orc by Orcwest
Orc-la homa
Orc Whips Over Bywater
The Orthanic Trail
Paint your Ringwraith
Pippin's Honor
The Pippin’s Progress
The Pit and the Saruman
Please Don't Eat The Lembas
The Portrait of Gandalf Gray
Prince Faramir and the Dawn’s Redder
The Private Life of Shagrat Holmes
Raiders of The Lost Ring
Rangers in Paradise
Rangers in the Night,
The Red Eye of Carnage
For Sauron: Return to Me
The Return of the Dunadan
Return of The Hobbits
The Rime of the Ancient Faramir
The Ring and
Ring Arthur
Ring Kids
Ring o’ Doom
Ring Trek
Ring Wars
Ring Wraiths Don’t Wear Plaid
Roofs of Grass
The Rosie Cotton Show
For Sam: Sam I Am
The Sam Also Rises
Sam's Love & Frodo's Near Death
Samwise Get Your Pan
Saruman and the Coat of Many Colors
Saruman Crimes and Sharkey Misdemeanors
Saruman Twist
Sauron and Sauron's Ability
Sauron, Come Home
Sauron Strikes Back
The Second Breakfast Club
7 Hobbits for Highly Effective People
Shadow & Mt Doom Smog
Shagrat Holmes and Dr. Gorbag
For Arwen: She's a Wonderful Wife
Shelob’s Web
Shire Days
The Silent Springle Ring
Singing in the Fire
Singin' In The Mine
Sleepless in the Shire
Small Time Orcs
Smokey Orodruin’s Cafe
Some Enchanted Elf-thing
Son of Shelob
Song of My Elf
The Sound of Lembas
South Ithilien
Sum of all Beers
Take the Ring and Run
The Taming of the Smeagol
They Call the Mine Moria
Tender is the Nazgul
That Ring Trick You Do
There's a Hobbit in my Pocket
There's a Shire for Us
There’s Something about Merry
The Thingol
Thouroughly Modern Arwen
To Catch a Hobbit
To Have and Have Not the Ring;
To Kill a Flying Nazgul
To Kill a Mordor Orc
Tolman Sawyer
The Tower of Mount Doom
Took Husbands and Wives
Travels with my Hobbit.
Tropic of Saruman
True Hobbits
Twelve Angry Hobbits
Two Years Before the Radagast
Under the Mt. Doom Volcano;
Uruk-Hai Always Sing the Blues
Weathertop Heights
What's Up Frodo Baggins?
What’s up Sam
Where the Red Eye Grows
The White Rider of Pern
Who Moved my Bree?
Wizard Act
The Wizard in the Grey Flannel Suit
The Wizard in the Hat
The Wizard of Orthanc
The Wizard of Osgiliath
Wuthering Flights
The Year(trave)ling
You’re a Good Man, Gandalf Grey
You've got Mithril-Mail