There came at last a dreadful nightfall...
Time lay behind them like an ever-darkening dream.

Dark Places of Middle-earth

The Journey by Laurelin Dorenan
The Journey
, by Laurelin-Dorenan


Short Stories


  • The Alkabeth by Evermind
  • A Barrow Wight Poem by pi
  • Balin's Tomb by Samwisegirl
  • Barrow by Primula
  • The Barrow-King by Evermind
  • The Bloodstained by Evermind
  • The Darkness by Grimbeorn
  • Darkness Like a Tide by Linaewen
  • The Dead Marshes by Dandy
  • The Dead Marshes by Primula
  • Dome of Stars by Primula
  • Erech Memorial by Primula
  • Forlorn in Fangorn by Knocking Thrush
  • I Slew with my Left Hand by Evermind
  • In the Tower by Northstar
  • Into the Light by Onono Laivindur
  • Mirkwood by Primula
  • Morgul Vale by Primula
  • Moria by Lindorie
  • Moria by Nuroreiel
  • Moria Evil by Shelob
  • Nightfall by Varda
  • No Hours so Dark by Linaewen
  • The Old Forest by Primula
  • Old Man Willow by pi
  • On the Dark Stair by Aussie Hobbit
  • The Paths of the Dead by MithrandirCQ
  • Sauron Undefeated by Varda
  • Sauron's Temple by Evermind
  • Scouring by Primula
  • Secret Passage by Shelob
  • Shelob's Dream by Shelob
  • Terror in Moria by Northstar
  • Thangorodrim by MithrandirCQ
  • Theodred's Last Stand by Evermind
  • The Tunnel by Dandy

  • Other Writings

    Parodies and Other Verse

  • A Clean Sweep by Mrs. Frodo
  • If You Go Down in the Woods Today... by Laiquendi
  • Miscellaneous Bits & Verses - assorted fans