The Fellowship takes a World Trip

by Harthad

Eighth Stop: China



Fireworks crackled and sizzled in the air as the Fellowship made their way through the streets of Bejing, China. Smells were drifting about and various lights coloured the buildings and street signs that were there.


Boromir yelled in fright as Pippin scared him to death. Merry popped up beside Gimli and said,

"Gimli! It's National Spook Day! February 14th!"

"Yeah! So we're scaring everyone we meet!" Pippin said enthusiastically.

Pippin ran up to a random pedestrian who got scared and ran away.

"You Fool of a Took! You're going to make everyone scared of us!" cried Gandalf.

But people were already running away from the Fellowship.

"Too late." said Sam sadly.

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