The Fellowship takes a World Trip

by Harthad

Seventh Stop: Italy

The illuminated bright, neon sign of Saldamarco's Italian restaurant blazed into the dreary nighttime sky of Italy. Inside the restaurant there were some unusual strange-dressed people eating soup at a table for ten. What was also strange about them was their comments.

"Waiter! There's an orc in my soup!" Frodo cried.  Sure enough, an orc's head was bobbing up and down amidst his chicken noodle soup.

Gandalf looked over from reading a tourist guide to look at Frodo's soup.

The orc's head bobbed beneath the surface to mingle with some chicken.

"Eh? There's no orc in your soup, Frodo!"

"But, Gandalf, I'm telling you, there really WAS an orc in my soup! I am not lying!"

Merry and Pippin giggled softly.

"This could be the first time you've lied, Mr. Frodo," Sam acknowledged.

The rest of the Fellowship finished their dinners with no protest and soon the party was headed off to their hotel.

Unknown to all, a headless orc was left sitting at the Fellowship's table of ten at Saldamarco's.

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