The Fellowship takes a World Trip

by Harthad

Fifth Stop: London, England
(A tribute to Primula)

Legolas was looking at a celebrity magazine. Gimli was looking at his axe. Frodo and Sam had buried themselves in the pages of one certain book. Aragorn and Boromir were discussing the battle at Helm's Deep in the book and in the movie. Gandalf was looking at a travel brochure and Merry and Pippin were munching their way through a bagful of potato chips. None of them were looking at the beautiful sights London had to offer. None of them were looking to see where they were going either.

Primula was just walking through the busy streets of London with no care in the world. She was on a sightseeing trip and had come to see her favorite sights.
Her regular favorite sights list did not include a man with a white beard carrying a staff, four little people, a man with long blond hair and pointed ears, a short man carrying an axe and two men dressed in the array of Gondor.

Pippin was concentrating so much on the bag of chips that he did not see where he was going and thus walked straight into Primula.

"Fool of a Took!" Gandalf muttered and shoved Pippin out of the way with his staff.

"Hi, I'm Pippin!" Pippin introduced himself to Primula, having no idea who she was.

"And I'm Merry!" Merry added.

"Are you. . .hobbits?" Primula asked in disbelief.

"Finally!" Pippin cheered. "A big person who calls me something other than a Halfling!"

"Yeah,we're hobbits," Merry answered. "Who are you?"

"I-I'm Primula,manager of the LOTR Fanclub Scrapbook." Primula stammered.

"Cool." Merry ate another chip."Well, see you around!"

The Fellowship moved on with the exception of Sam.

"Do you really manage that website, the Scrapbook one?"


"Oh, I read your drabble last night! This Shining Ember Burns my Hand! That was really good!"

"Come along,Samwise!" Gandalf called.

Sam waved to Primula and ran to catch up with the Fellowship.

Primula sat down on the curb with a bump and thought, 'Wow. That was a story worth sharing with the boards.'

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