The Fellowship takes a World Trip

by Harthad

Fourth Stop: Paris, France

All the members of the Fellowship were caught up at last.

They had crossed countries,boarded airplanes, gotten lost, and sailed across the ocean to be with each other.

The only thing preventing them from having a happy reunion was Pippin's appetite. He sped over to the first bakery he saw and placed his face on the glass display case that was the only thing preventing the foods from being gorged on by a hungry hobbit.

"That hobbit is like an orc to fresh meat," Boromir commented to Merry.

"Oh, you don't know the half of it, Boromir," Merry replied. "While Pip and I were with the orcs, one of them. . . " Boromir listened to Merry drone on for about half a minute and then walked away to join Aragorn.

"You've been watching the Extended Editions too much,Merry," Frodo said.

Gandalf sneezed to cover up his laughter.

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