The Fellowship takes a World Trip

by Harthad

Third Stop: Honolulu, Hawaii

Boromir and Aragorn looked stumped as they read the trail map that was supposed to direct them to the mountainous trail.

Meanwhile, Frodo and Gimli were arguing about bringing weapons into the gift shop.

"But Frodo, it's my protection. What if orcs come barging into the store and I don't have my axe with me? What will I do then?" 

"Gimli,you'll freak out all the people there. They'll think you're a madman or something like that."

"And Gimli," Legolas interrupted,"There are no orcs here on Earth."

Gimli sighed, handed his axe to Sam and marched off into the store. Legolas followed him.

Legolas went up to the store clerk and asked, "Where can I find the bathroom?"  Unfortunately, he said this in Elvish.

The clerk looked at him strangely and said slowly,"Do you speak English?"
"Of course I do. It's you who I thought didn't. Now,where is the bathroom?"

"Er. . over there." The clerk pointed to a chipped sign hanging lopsided over a muddied door.

Legolas sighed and muttered something about simple conveniences.

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