The Fellowship takes a World Trip

by Harthad

Second Stop: San Francisco, California, USA

The six remaining members of the Fellowship gazed at all the enchanting lights, colours, sounds and smells that surrounded them as they made their way through San Francisco.

"Sam,are you sure that you called Merry nine times and he didn't pick up?" an exasperated Aragorn questioned Sam.

"Yes sir,Merry did not pick up the nine times I called him. Would you like me to call Rosie?"

"No,Sam,that's all right. We wouldn't like to disturb her on her vacation in Costa Rica,would we?"

"No sir, I guess not."

Suddenly, a vibrating noise and flashing lights came from Frodo's back pocket.  "That's weird,my butt is vibrating," Frodo said.  The sentence stopped the Company in their tracks.

"Oh,sorry, it's just my phone."

He opened it and Merry's frantic voice came out of the speaker. "Is this Frodo?"

"Yes, Merry."

"Frodo, Pippin and I are being chased by a mob of girls who say they want to meet Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan! You have to help us!"

"Well,Merry, I don't see any possible way I can-"

Crunch. Crackle,crackle.

Frodo closed the phone and turned to the Fellowship. "I think someone stepped on Merry's phone."

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