The Fellowship takes a World Trip

by Harthad

Stop One: Ellis Island, New York, NY

The nine members of the Fellowship trudged through the snow to the ferry that would take them to Ellis Island.

"Gandalf, what does this say?" said Pippin, reading the brochure.

"You Fool of a Took! You have it upside down!" exclaimed Gandalf as he righted the brochure. "Hobbits!"

"Gandalf! The ferry is leaving!" cried Legolas.
Boromir grabbed Frodo and Sam and leapt onto the ferry, scattering the tourists.

"Nobody tosses a dwarf!" yelled Gimli as Legolas picked him up. Legolas tossed him anyway.

Aragorn and Legolas swam to the ferry and climbed up the side and jumped on the floor of the ferry, again scattering the tourists.

Gandalf, Merry and Pippin were stranded on the banks of the water.

"C'mon Gandalf! Let's go explore New York!" Pippin said as he skipped off with Merry following.

"This is worse than fighting the Balrog." Gandalf groaned as he cast his eyes up to high heaven.


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