Where there's a Will there's an Adulas

by Dinledhwen

Part 5 - Conclusion

Meanwhile Will had brought Elizabeth and Captain Jack over to me. “Elizabeth, Captain Jack this is Adulas. He’s the one who helped me to remember who I was after I had hit my head,” he said with a smile of appreciation. “And this is Legolas his brother, Aragorn, and Prince Imrahil who has been my gracious host during my stay here in his land,” he added once the latter two had joined us.

“I’m…um…pleased to meet all of you,” Elizabeth said pleasantly with a lovely smile although I could sense the uncertainty behind her greeting which was understandable since she was no doubt uneasy about what was going on here.

Then Captain Jack sidled up close to Legolas and me. “Who or what are you two?” he asked in his typical drunk like manner. “You two aren’t eunuchs are you?”

“No. Are you?” I asked back with a smile while Legolas frowned. “My brother and I are elves from Mirkwood which is a forest far to the north from and is located in Middle-earth where you and your friends are now presently in.”

Now Captain Jack frowned while his hand reached for the hilt of his sword in response to my asking if he was a eunuch. Then he raised his eyebrows in surprise at hearing that we were elves while Will quickly stepped between us. “So how do we get back?” he asked in an obvious effort to change the subject.

“Sail back the way the Black Pearl came,” I simply replied.

“Ah but the Pearl can’t be so easily turned around in this bay if it’s shallow,” Captain Jack said. “She also needs winds to fill her sails and its calm now. So do you savvy?”

Suddenly there were cries of surprise from the crew on deck as the ship in question began to slowly move backwards as if someone was pulling it from behind. Soon it was straining against its anchor.

“Apparently there are forces at work here that say otherwise!” I said to him. “Quick now all of you back into the row boat!”

After that Will hastily thanked Prince Imrahil and me before he helped Elizabeth into it which he and Captain Jack then shoved out away from the beach. Once they were far enough out they jumped in and with Will at the oars they soon reached the port side of the Pearl and had managed to scramble quickly up the rung ladder and onto the ship’s deck just before the anchor’s chain broke. Now this sent a large piece of the broken link hurtling straight for my head which I managed to just avoid by crouching down. Then it continued on until it finally landed with a dull thud several feet up onto the beach well away from everyone else.

“And you said there was nothing to worry about,” I heard Legolas’s soft thought voice say in an “I told you so” tone while he gave me a reproachful look.

So I gave back to him an apologetic look before our attention was drawn to the Black Pearl which was now slowly fading from sight as it was mysteriously pulled back through the shimmering doorway which also vanished when the ship did thus leaving behind an empty bay.

“Adulas you sure do have this knack for getting involved with the unusual,” Aragorn said with a grin that caused me to grin back.

“I think it’s time we return home to Mirkwood where the safe and usual exists,” Legolas added firmly which caused me to laugh out loud. However just before I was about to protest that such a journey wasn’t needed just yet my brother sent me a “Don’t you even think about it!” look that had Aragorn laughing.

“Adulas it would appear that you’re going home!” he said.

“Sure does look like it,” I said with a disappointed sigh. After all the beach was quite nice and I had hoped to explore it more now that everything had settled down.

Meanwhile Prince Imrahil had rejoined us after he had gone over to the broken link so he could bring it back to everyone for a closer look. “This would have killed you Adulas if you hadn’t ducked in time,” he said to me while he weighed the thick piece of metal in one hand. “It’s quite heavy.”

“I wonder why it didn’t vanish,” Aragorn said thoughtfully as he took it from the Prince so he could look at it closely.

“Maybe the Prince was meant to keep it as a souvenir,” I said to him while he gave it back to the man in question.

“Then I’ll keep it,” the Prince said although he wasn’t too sure if he really wanted to. Then he shrugged. “I suppose I could use it as a door stop,” he added while we all began to head back up the path that hugged the cliff side now that our time with Will and the doorway had come to an end.


“No Adulas! I’m not changing my mind. We’re going home!”

“If we stay I could teach you to surf! I bet there are some awesome waves out there in the bay.”

“Is surfing dangerous?”

“Well it can be…” I thought back while knowing I had lost this argument since I just couldn’t bring myself to lie to my brother.

“Then we’re going home!”

And that is what we did.