Where there's a Will there's an Adulas

by Dinledhwen

Part 2

So early the next morning Legolas and I rode out of Minas Tirith behind the messenger as did Aragorn who was coming along simply out of curiosity. And after several days of peaceful travel during which time I had to contend with two practical jokers who soon learned that I could give back as good as I got was Dol Amroth reached just as the morning sun was halfway up in its climb towards noon. Then the messenger led us to Prince Imrahil’s private residence overlooking the Bay of Belfalas where we were warmly welcomed by him before given a chance to clean up after our long ride in light and airy rooms.

“I think it would be best if only Adulas and I speak with this man first so he doesn’t feel so overwhelmed after seeing two elves whose faces bear a close resemblance to his. Oh and I should warn you that he becomes easily frustrated when he can’t remember so pushing him to do so will do nothing but cause him to withdraw and refuse to speak,” the Prince said to us after we had all gathered some time later in a comfortable sitting area out in a stunningly beautiful garden.

After we had agreed to the Prince’s idea I then followed him to another part of the garden where a small quaint stone cottage stood that overlooked a wonderful view of the pristine sandy beach below the cliff and the sparkling Bay of Belfalas. And it was at the stone wall that kept anyone from tumbling over the cliff that the man who had dark hair and a slender build was now standing with his back to us while he gazed out over the water. However it was the colonial style of his clothes that had me instantly thinking of a character from a pirate movie I had seen.

“I discovered that the man felt more at ease out here in the guest cottage then in a room in the main house,” Prince Imrahil whispered a hasty explanation to me while we approached him from behind. And when the man turned at the sound of our approach I realized that I was again dealing with another movie turned real.

“This is Adulas. He’s an elf like you who has come to us also from a far away place like,” the Prince said with a smile. However I doubted the man had heard a word of what was being said to him for he was too occupied in staring at me in amazement. “He is here to help you for I must admit your story perplexes me,” the Prince continued which was enough to get the man’s attention back onto him.

“My being here perplexes me too,” the man replied while the frustration he felt clearly showed in the tone of his voice. Then he looked at me with brown eyes that held some hope. “So what makes you think that this far away place you’re from can help me?” he asked in a rather blunt fashion which proved that he had been listening to the Prince after all despite his reaction upon seeing me.

“The place I’m from allowed me to see a two hour glimpse into your world. And in doing so I know who you are *William Turner*,” I replied kindly while I made sure I emphasized Will’s name based on a hunch that suddenly occurred to me.

Now this had the same affect on the man as if I had suddenly slapped him awake for he gave a start. Then he took an involuntary step back and bumped up against the wall which made him back away from it a few steps while a look of happy recognition then appeared on his face while he stared at me. “I can remember…” he said in stunned disbelief. “I know who I am!”

Meanwhile Prince Imrahil was watching all of this with a look of wonder on his face. “Adulas how did you know that simply speaking this man’s…I mean Will’s name would be all that was needed to help him remember?” he asked me in an awed tone of voice.

“I didn’t really. I just had a sudden hunch that if Will was back in his own time and surrounded by those he knows his memories would have returned far sooner. But since he was here and with no such familiar reminders his memory remained lethargic so to speak,” I simply replied while hoping this didn’t put into their minds that I could perform miracles. Then to Will I said with a kind smile “Now Will we need to sit down and figure out how we’re going to get you back to where you belong.”