Where there's a Will there's an Adulas

by Dinledhwen

Part 1

What with POTC being so popular now I began to ponder if it could be mixed with LOTR and after some more thinking this is what I came up with...

Where there’s a Will, there’s an Adulas…

While Legolas and I were enjoying an informal afternoon visit with Aragorn and Arwen a road weary messenger was ushered before the King who accepted the man’s missive with a questioning look. And after he had read it he looked up at the messenger this time smiling. “You’re in luck. The elf that this missive asks me about is seated here,” he said before turning his attention to me. “Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth is in need of your help Adulas. Apparently a man was found washed up on the beach several days ago who has since been telling an intriguing tale about coming from another far away place like you and the Prince wishes for you to come and see if you can make any sense out of his words.”

“I had no idea that anyone else knew about me,” I said while I accepted the missive from Aragorn so I could look at it myself.

“Gossip exists here too,” Legolas replied with a knowing smile. “It is one of the few things that Middle-earth has in common with your former time.”

“And it’s definitely a pass time of female elves,” Aragorn said with a mischievous glance at Arwen.

“Not according to what I learned had happened during my husband’s most recent visit to the pub,” Arwen replied sweetly with a similar look in her eyes which caused Aragorn to shift a bit uncomfortably in his chair.

“I noticed that Prince Imrahil didn’t mention the man’s name in his missive,” I said to the messenger with a reasonably straight face in order to change the subject for Aragorn which earned me a look of gratitude from him.

“That’s because the man seems unable to remember who he is,” the messenger replied in a respectful tone of voice while a smile played at the corners of his mouth from what he was overhearing about gossip.

“But yet he can totally remember where he’s from?” I asked with a frown as this momentarily perplexed me.

“No not exactly for there are details which he struggles with within his story. The Prince is certain all of this is due to him receiving along the way a bruising blow to the right side of his head.”

“Yes that would explain his partial memory loss,” I said no longer perplexed now that the messenger had revealed the man’s injury. “Well my brother it would appear that our trip home will be delayed so I can help the Prince with this man,” I add to Legolas who nodded back in agreement.