The Two Towers Parody

by Lordofthejedi17

Part 1

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Parody!

*Opens to the Misty Mountains and Moria*

Gandalf: AHHH!!!!!!

Bob the Balrog: Come on, you don’t like the way I play?

Gandalf: Hey, I got some flame that I serve, yada, yada, yada... anyway, Mr. Worf, shields up!

Mr. Worf: Aye Sir.

Pippin: Where did he come from?

Bob the Balrog: Boo! Eat my fire sword!

Gandalf: Can’t, I’m already eating the Witch-King’s fire sword in Return of the King.

Bob the Balrog: Well, then eat my fire whip!

Gandalf: If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibley imagine!

Bob the Balrog: Hey, you can’t put that in, this is a flashback, remember?

Gandalf: Alright... Hey, didn’t your parents teach you not to play with fire? For that, I’ll break the bridge!

Bob the Balrog: AHHH!!! (Falls in a deep hole)

Gandalf: Done...

Bob the Balrog: Not today! (throws up fire whip and grabs Gandalf).

Gandalf: AHHH!!!

Frodo: Oh no, you killed Gandalf! Anyway, lets go!

Gandalf: I can’t fly you fools! (Falls in with the Balrog)

*Gandalf falls and gets back his sword*

Gandalf: Ah hah! Look how the tables have turned!

Bob the Balrog: I don’t wanna fight with you anymore!

Gandalf: Quit whining!

Mr. Worf: I’m falling also sir.

Gandalf: Shut up, Mr. Worf! (Gandalf’s cellphone rings) Hello? Not a good time, I’m falling... and about to hit water.

Bob the Balrog: WATER! AHHHHHHHH!!!! Me and water aren’t the best of friends!

*Frodo wakes up*

Frodo: Gandalf!

Sam: Aragorn! Boromir! Legolas! I’ve won again!

Frodo: What have you won?

Sam: The guess as many members of the Fellowship as you can game.

Frodo: Sam, we’re trying to save the world, not play games.

Part 2: Elven Rope

*Sam and Frodo are climbing down a cliff on rope*

Sam: Is there a bottom yet?

Frodo: For the 9th time no!

Sam: Is there a bottom yet? (he drops a small box) Mr. Frodo, catch that!

Frodo: (catches the box) Got it! (He falls) AHHHHHH!!!!

Sam: Mr. Frodo!

Frodo: I’m ok, the ground seems to have broken my fall.

Sam reaches the ground.

Frodo: (looking at box) What this?

Sam: Nothing, it’s the dirt Galadriel gave me.

Frodo: You have me save dirt!

Sam: Okay, it’s salt. I thought he might be having roast weeds on night...

Frodo: Roast weeds?

Sam: You never know. Now about the rope...

Frodo: No one’s gonna follow us, except for Gollum.

Gollum: Shut it, Hobbitses, you’re not supposed to know about me for about 10 more minutes.

Frodo: He right you know.

Sam: I’ll get the rope down, it one of my knots... (pulls rope, it comes undone)

Frodo: Yes Sam, it’s one of your knots.