The Fellowship of the Toys

by Peregrine

Chapter 9: Another and another and...

It was midnight and all the Big Ones were sound asleep. Even the dogs weren't making a sound. Frodo sat on the top of his books, dangling his feet over the sides. The Legolases and Little Leggy were gone to the next door room to visit Aragorn and Aragorn. Gimli was on top of his shelf practicing with his ax while Camel growled and snapped at him irritably. The little Dwarf just ignored him and swung.

Suddenly Sam came running into Peregrine's room. He nearly tripped over the carpet as he came shouting!

"Frodo! Mr. Frodo! There's more of 'em! I just saw Lady Eowyn and another Strid--"

"Samwise, you fool, be quiet!" Frodo hissed. Sam skidded to a halt and looked up. There he saw Peregrine's form curled up below heavy blankets, the girl shifting in her sleep. Sam's eyes flew wide and he clapped a hand over his mouth.

"Beg pardon, Mr. Frodo, sir! It's just that--"

"Oh, for goodness sake, I'm asleep!" a voice snapped grumpily. It was muffled from below the blankets, but it was undoubtably Peregrine. Sam and Frodo froze. Even Camel fell silent and Gimli ceased his swinging and stood as still as possible.

Peregrine rolled over and went back to sleep.

Frodo jumped down from the bookshelf, leaving Dirk there asleep. He scampered across the carpet to where Sam stood and led him out into the hallway.

"Sam, you're lucky she's a heavy sleeper!" Frodo hissed. "You've got to be more careful! What if she had woken up?"

Sam's eyes flew wide.

"Why, she would've seen--" Sam blinked in confusion. "But Mr. Frodo, what's so bad about havin' her see us 'n all?"

Frodo frowned.

"I don't know. She'd probably get rid of us and we'd be left out in the cold to fend for ourselves!"

Sam gasped.

"Lor'! You really think so! she'd do that?" Sam asked fearfully. Frodo smiled slightly.

"Well, no, I don't think she would. But, still, it's probably just safer that way, you know."

"Right, Mr. Frodo, Sir. I'll be bein' more careful from now on!"

"That's my Sam. Now, what were you yelling about?"

"Well, it's just this Mr. Frodo--the Other One, she got two more!"

"Did she?" Frodo's eyes flew wide. "Lady Eowyn and Aragorn, you say?"

"Aye, Mr. Frodo, an' Strider--er, I mean Aragorn, he's all dressed up in his Gondorian armor 'n all. An' Lady Eowyn, she's all battled up, to, in her Rohan fancies."

"Are they now." Frodo murmered to himself. "Well, if they are dressed for battle, maybe they are expecting one."

"Beggin' your pardon, sir, but you and me, we're dressed as for battle an' we're not expectin' none." Sam pointed out. Frodo grinned.

"Bless me, Sam, you're right. What say we go greet Lady Eowyn and Gondor Aragorn?"

Sam smiled and the two of them walked into the room, tip-toeing around the big sleeping dog, Merlin. He snorted and groaned in his sleep, but he made no move to wake.

Frodo and Sam reached the bookshelf and managed to haul themselves up. There, indeed, stood Eowyn and Aragorn, dressed respectivly in Rohan and Gondor armor. Eowyn was talking with the Legolases and Little Leggy while Gondor Aragorn conversed with his shaggier brothers.

Frodo grinned and looked over at Sam.

"Hm. Before you know it, we'll have another adventure on our hands." He said. "But now that you're here with me, Sam, I'm not so worried."

"Oh, that's good, Mr. Frodo." Sam nodded. "Because I figure the more newcomers we get, the closer we are to having ourselves an Adventure."

"Oh, you are right, Sam, my lad. And they will keep on coming, I can assure you. Another and another and....."

"Right, Mr. Frodo. Well, we all best be gettin' off to bed again, then, afor the Big Ones wake up and find us all in here."

Frodo laughed.

"Right, Sam."

And Frodo, with Legolases and Little Leggy, marched back to the room. And there he fell asleep upon his stack of books, wondering when they would be struck by another adventure.

The End....for now....