The Fellowship of the Toys

by Peregrine

Chapter 4: To the Street!

Treebeard, batting the snow from his rubber leaves, looked around and saw a tall fence across the snowy lawn from them. He frowned.

"Hoom-baroom! I do not.....believe.....that I or......the mounts can....get passed......that.....fence." Treebeard groaned, shuffling through the snow and trying not to trip and fall again. Camel, behind him, groaned and grumbled in disdain, looking around the snow and growling.

"No. You cannot." Legolases chimed. "But we can go to the street."

"But we could be hit by one of those huge wheely thingies!" Frodo cried in dismay, clinging to Dirk's blue fur mane. "I've heared the Big One--Peregrine--talking about them. And I've seen a few and..." Frodo shuddered.

"If we stick close to the snow on the side, we should not get run over." Aragorn on Brego said. The horse snorted and tossed his head.


"Do not worry, Frodo." Legolases soothed from atop Aravan. "Dirk is swift. He will keep you safe."

Frodo made a face, but he knew that they were right. He sighed and patted Dirk on the head.

"Fine. Let's go then."

"By the way," Third Legolas asked, "where are we going?"

"To....the street." Treebeard told him. Legolas rolled his eyes.

"I know that, Fanghorn. But after that, where are we going? I mean, are we going to explore the city or go into the wild or . . . what?"

Frodo paled.

"The wild? Oh, dear. There are no volcanoes around here, are there?" he asked, gripping his beaked helmet fearfully.

"No, I don't beleive so." Aragorn atop Camel said. "But don't worry. The wild is very small here. I have only seen a little bit of it, but from what I have seen--it is very small."

"Oh. Well. Okay then. Let's try the wild. I don't much trust the street."

"Well, we should move faster on the street. And the sooner there, the sooner we can leave it." Aragorn upon Brego said. He heeled the horse in his rubber flanks and the horse began struggling across the snow. Sometimes the snow only came up to his ankle. Sometimes it went nearly to his shoulder. But the horse formed a narrow trail through the snow and upon this tiny road Camel followed, groaning and growling most loudly in his annoyance. Treebeard followed him. Dirk simply bounded across the snow and Aravan soared overhead, the Legolases laughing in glee. They soared around the corner of the house and landed upon the curb of the street. It took some time--nearly half an hour--for the others to arrive. Brego and Camel nearly tripped many times in the snow. Brego didn't seem to care, but Camel was growing quite upset. When he reached the street--barely coated in the white powder--he seemed quite pleased. If his groaning and growling could be interpreted as pleasure.

"See, that wasn't so hard." Aragorn said, brushing snow away from Brego's flanks and tail. "And now that we're on the street, we can move much faster."

"We mustn't be.....too" Treebeard cautioned, waving an arm in the air.

"Do not fear, Treebeard." Legolases chimed cheerfully. "We shall move no faster than you do allow."

"Hey, what's that?" Frodo cried, pointing down the street. Everyone looked to see--not a car, not a human . . . a dog.

"It's a dog!" Third Legolas cried.

At the sound of Legolas's voice, the dog looked up and wagged his tail. He sniffed the air and began trotting towards them. It wasn't until he had nearly reached them that the toys saw the fluffy remains of a stuffed animal hanging from his jaws.

"Oh, dear." Frodo groaned. "He's going to eat us!"

"Not if we can help it!" Legolases cried and each strung a single rubber arrow to his own plastic bow. They pulled back and fired, an arrow from Thrid Legolas's bow and Aragorn's (both of them) followed. The arrows struck the dog in the nose and he snorted and stopped. Then he growled and ran at them, barking angrily at being struck.

"RUN!" Aragorn upon Brego cried, even as the horse wheeled and bolted down the street. Aravan leapt into the air and flew away while Dirk bounded down the street as fast as his long legs could take him. Camel and Treebeard, though, could only go very slowly and the dog was gaining on them!

Treebeard, then, tripped on a lump of ice and sprawled out upon the street. The dog was nearly upon him!

"Treebeard!" Legolas cried, turning in his perch upon Camel. He and Aragorn attempted to turn the grumbling beast, but the camel would have nothing of it and continued to run.

"Legolases!" Legolas cried.

The dog, growling and snapping, leapt at Treebeard--and then fell away, yelping! Legolas and Aragorn and Treebeard looked up just in time to see Aravan winging away, the dragon having struck the dog full in the side of the head. Legolases sat upon his back, cheering and waving their bows in the air. The dog growled, but he ran away, having had enough of the strange toys. He would find easier prey--perhaps a cat to chase.

"Look!" Legolases cried from high up--nearly six feet!--in the air. "'Tis the Wild!"

And, indeed, ahead of them the road ended and there began the Wild. Frodo sighed.

"I suppose it's better than a dog."