Shire Talk : An Apology

by Lothithil

ShireTalk Magazine

An apology passed on from Journalist-in-the-field by Elrond T. HalfElven, Editor-in-chief EriadorEnquirer:

Dear Citizens, Denzins and Gentle Readers of all Races,

To those subscribers who have not received an issue in the past several months, I do formally beg your forgiveness. My stay in Valinor has been extended, due to circumstances beyond my control. All I can say is, never play cards with Mandos and Aulë when the stakes are unlimited. And if there are any folks out there who owe me any mallorn leaves or gold coins, do please forward them to BankOfValar, forward to pay of my gambling debts.

Until such a time as I am released from Mandos, I am taking careful notes of the interviews I am scoring in here... let me tell you, a few millenia in the mansions has not cooled Fëanor’s fire any! He is still ranting about his bloody jewels!

Anyway, no time for that now! Until we meet again, good health and fortune to you all, and if anyone can bake a cake and send it along, a mithril file would come in very handy right now!

Lothithil Mallorndur, ShireTalk Magazine