Final Report Card of Smeagol C-

Smeagol achieved a satisfactory result overall this term. Unfortunately 
he began the term on a bad note when he tried to take another child's
precious toy. He finds it challenging to delay gratification and is often
unwilling to deal with his frustration without resorting to physical means.
However, he began to show improved behaviour when he was roped into a
conflict resolution situation. He promised to follow the instructions given to
him by his mediator and, in spite of the concerns of others, for the most part
he, kept his word. Smeagol used the technique of inner dialogue
effectively, and he showed some leadership abilities when he was put in an outdoor
education situation. He successfully led his group through an extreme
challenge course to arrive at the required location in a timely manner and
exhibited quick thinking when he saw his group about to take a harzardous
route. In the last few weeks, Smeagol has been less co-operative in his
group work. Unless he can pull himself together and work more willingly
with his group, he may fail the test at the end of the term.

Mrs. Willow

- Lilywillow