Smeagol's Progress Report

I have been very disappointed with Smeagol's progress this year.  Smeagol
showed a lot of promise at the beginning of the year and began the first
term at his new school as a very bright articulate young man who was
quick to learn his lessons and has a special skill in riddling, winning the
gold medal in the Riddle Bee. Smeagol was always polite and well spoken and
shared well with his class mates early in the term, but lately he has
become more secretive and unsociable. He seems to prefer dark places to the
sun and hangs about in the shade at the edge of the playground at recess,
shunning his peers and muttering words that are unclear to us but which
seem to include a lot of sibilants. Recently his classmates have become
somewhat reluctant to partner with Smeagol in group activities as he mutters and
seems unable or unwilling to focus on the task at hand. He does not eat
much at lunch time, occasionally bringing fish which he eats raw. The staff
feels that Smeagol is becoming thinner and his posture is deteriorating. We
are concerned about his well being, and we feel that Smeagol should seek
guidance, perhaps first through Doctor Gamgee, who might then recommend
further steps to take in order to help Smeagol.

Mrs. Willow
- Lilywillow