Samwise Gamgee's Kindergarten Report Card

With the understanding that we learn everything we need to know at Kindergarten

Five Year Old Kindergarten...Samwise Gamgee: A+

Sammy Gamgee is a delightful, happy boy who excelled in all the key
lessons taught in kindergarten this year. He is a very honest, polite and
thoughtful little hobbit who always thinks of others before himself. He is always
punctual to class, works diligently on any task given him and completes
the task to the best of his ability. He deals well with frustration,
usually just shrugging or scratching his head if things do not go well, and
then putting forth an even greater effort. He is very persistent. Sammy also
has a good influence on his peers. He has taken young Frodo Baggins under
his wing, helping him overcome his shyness and defending him if he thinks
it necessary. He never becomes involved in playground squabbles, however,
and deals most maturely with any conflicts. He is also very patient with
Pippin Took, often exerting a calming influence on him, and always sharing his
toys. Sammy has a strong sense of right and wrong, will not wilfully
hurt another living creature and believes in always doing what he believes
is the right thing. I am very proud of Sammy and am sure he has all the skills
he needs to have a full and successful life.

It has been a privilege to teach Sammy.

Miss Lilly
- Lilywillow