The Final Report Card of Samwise Gamgee B+

Samwise is a quiet, thoughtful young man who made steady progress in 
all areas of the curriculum this year. While Sam does not easily draw
conclusions or make inferences, he listens carefully to class discussions
and uses them effectively to increase his own understanding. He seldom
participates, however, unless called upon. Sam needs to do extra work in
order to improve the quality of his spoken grammar. Sam's academic strength
is in history and geography, where he shows a particular interest in events
and where they took place. He also shone in cooking class and horticulture
this term. Although he tends to prefer plain cooking, especially sausages,
he mastered fire making and the correct use of pans easily and often
cooked up treats for fellow class mates. He also has a good knowledge of the
indigenous Shire flora and seems to have a natural affinity for gardening.
Sam started off the term very self conscious but has grown into himself
somewhat and is showing signs of leadership abilities. However, although
Sam is usually quiet, he does tend to whisper in corners to his particular
friend Frodo Baggins and has upon occasion become involved in verbal
confrontations when he feels Frodo is being challenged. I recommend that
Sam and Frodo be separated next year. I also feel Sam would benefit from
swimming lessons as he has a fear of the water.

I have enjoyed having Samwise in my class.

Mrs. Willow
- Lilywillow