Ring Wraiths' Report Card: F

Ring did not successfully complete the expectations for his grade this year.
Although he made acceptable progress in slinking and horseriding, he
often showed a lack of understanding of issues. He was unable to grasp the
ring on several occasions and regularly showed his frustration with
inappropriate behaviour, both in the classroom and in the schoolyard. It became a
concern later in the year that he was involved in a number of incidents
involving bullying, trying to take others'' possessions without permission,
terrorizing hobbits and Breemen and in damaging property. As well, Ring
became part of an undesirable gang which advocates screaming when not
getting their own way. We recommend psychological counselling and anger
management training for Ring, as well as a throat specialist and speech
therapist for his voice problems. Ring will be required to repeat his
year until he is able to show more favourable behaviour.

Note: playing with sharp implements is against school rules.

Mrs. Willow
- Lilywillow