Report Card of Peregrin Took: Middle Earth Geography D-

Peregrin Took

Middle-Earth Geography D-

Peregrin is a charming but irresponsible students who finds it
challenging to remain focussed on his lessons. He is easily distracted and
sometimes disrupts other students by socializing at inappropriate times. In his
written work, Peregrin is a minimalist who seldom fully supports his
ideas with relevant or sufficient evidence. In addition, he jumps to
conclusions and frequently blurts out incorrect answers. Peregrin lost significant
marks by coming to class with assignments not completed as he was ''up to
mischief" instead. Although he is well liked by his fellow students, Peregrin
does not fully participate in group assignments, tending to let others do
the bulk of the work. Marks cannot be assigned for entertaining his other
group members, however much they enjoy it. He would benefit from studying his
map lessons more thoroughly as he failed his recent test on Middle-Earth
Geography. He has made excellent progress in fencing and surviving
without second breakfast recently; however, as these are not part of the
Geography curriculum, they did not significantly affect his mark. I look forward
to a more concerted effort from Peregrin next term.

Mrs. Willow
- Lilywillow