Frodo's End of Year Report Card: Middle Earth Class A+

For Ladyhawk

Middle-Earth Class: A+

Frodo had an exceptional year and should be proud of his achievements
in Middle-Earth class. He excelled in linguistics, making a strong effort
to use his basic elvish, especially in times of adversity. His timely call
of ""Elbereth Gilthoniel"" was instrumental in lessening the effects of
the negative forces facing him and also showed his quick comprehension in
reading situations facing him, an area in which Frodo showed significant
strength this year, both in class and in non structured situations. He
has a strong ability to create and generate strong ideas. Although a quiet
student who would benefit from more regular participation in discussions, Frodo
contributed significant and insightful comments to discussions, often
adding details that others had missed. He also made steady gains in his
ability to utilize his inherent leadership skills and, although Frodo at first
showed some reluctance to make difficult decisions, he made significant
progress in this area through the course of the year. By the end of term, Frodo''s
dogged perseverance brought him the results he desired. Frodo needs to
practise his spelling and editing skills when writing in his Red Book.

It has been a pleasure to teach Frodo this year.

Mrs. Willow
- Lilywillow