Final Report Card of Aragorn Son of Arathorn: Ranger Training A-

Overall, Aragorn had an excellent year in Ranger Skill Development. 
He did very well in woodsmanship class, showing that he is able to identify
and use the required plants for both sustenance and healing, and successfully
living off the land on several field trips. He developed a fine ability to do
without food or sleep for days at a time, especially when tracking enemies.
He also showed his strength at tracking by finding the creature who had
been released for his test. Although Aragorn demonstrated outstanding
ability in weaponry in the use of sword and knife, he is less steady when holding
a bow and would benefit from further stillness training. In conflict
resolution, Aragorn is at his best when challenged by an unrealistic number of
opponents, though he would do well to control his look of pleasure when
faced with battle. Aragorn has a strong sense of his own abilities, and
this sometimes leads him to be less patient than is desirable with those he
considers less capable than he. He also occasionally makes hasty
decisions that lead to unexpected outcomes. However, he is honest and faces up to
his mistakes, willingly learning from them. In leadership class, Aragorn at
first showed a lack of understanding of the needs of his followers.
Over the course of the year, however, he became more willing to listen to others
and improved his leadership skills significantly. However, he still shows
some reluctance to take on a kingship role and has been known to be taken by
surprise by elves bearing swords. We are somewhat disappointed that
Aragorn should take for himself a nickname which does not match his status. His
graduating class voted Aragorn ""Most Likely to be King"". I am very pleased
with Aragorn''s achievements this year.

Mrs. Willow
- Lilywillow