The Archer Mice of Middle-earth

by Varda

The Council Revisited

There's been some rodent turmoil on the eve of the great adventure of 
the Mouse Archers of Middle Earth to reconquer Dublin Four. The Elfmice
of Mouselórien have joined in the crusade to save the West(of Dublin).
Mouselórien is the stretch of plane trees along Pembroke Road.

Anyway, their prince, Legomouse, leaped to his paws during the Council
of Peppercanister to suggest that the Company should declare Aramouse
its leader then march Southwest to attack the Balmogs in their
stronghold of Minas Leeson Street Lower. The halfrodents were lost in admiration
of Prince Legomouse's silky golden coat and velvet tunic. They were
baffled, however, by his suggestion as Minas Leeson Street lies in the
wrong direction.

'Sit down, Legomouse, you're making an eejit out of me' said Aramouse.

'Not difficult' said Boromouse in a loud aside.

The debate continues...