The Archer Mice of Middle-earth

by Varda

The Mouse Poets of Middle-earth

'Oh NO! She's started writing poetry! We'll never get our quest finished!'
'Let me see the bag' said Boromouse, striding forward mousefully.
'It's not bad, actually....' he said.
'You're only saying that because you are in it, Big Head!' said Aramouse in exasperation.
'Well, actually, it is about my little brother, Faramouse..'
'Enough! declared Aramouse. 'I'm not interested in your relatives. What are we going to do?'
'We could start a literary discussion group' suggested Legomouse
'My idea of a couplet is two slices of cheddar...' muttered Sammouse.
'I know! Let's have a limerick competition!' said Pipsqueak.
'Oh no..'groaned Aramouse, but Pipsqueak had already launched into verse;

There was a young rodent called Merry
Who went for a trip on a ferry
But the Ship Rats said 'No!'
So it was no go
He made do with a weekend in Kerry

'That is terrible!' said Aramouse.
'A terrible limerick is born' said Legomouse under his breath.
'Well you do better' said Pipsqueak in a huff. Aramouse straightened up and began;
'Friends, Rodents, countrymice...'
'I've heard this before' said Merry to Pipsqueak.
'It was written by some Elizabethan mouse, wasn't it?'
'OK I borrowed an idea or two...' said Aramouse.

'Well, copying disqualifies,'said Boromouse 'I declare Pip the winner of the limerick competition'. Aramouse looked crestfallen, Pip ecstatic.

'I know what we'll do' said Frodent calmly. All eyes turned to the brave little halfrodent. 'Send the bag back with a message;