The Archer Mice of Middle-earth

by Varda

The Heroic Archer Mice go to the Movies

'Hey guys! Look what we got!' said Boromouse, Aramouse, Legomouse and Gilmouse. The halfrodents crowded round.
'A nice chunk of Red Leicester I hope, I'm famished....' muttered Sammouse.
'No! Better again!' said Aramouse 'a ticket to see The Two Towers!'
'You're jiving us' said Frodent.
'No!' said Boromouse. 'It's true! We made another raid to get the bags and what did Herself leave down on the counter
- only a ticket! We nabbed it and legged it back here.'
'What good is one ticket?' asked Pipsqueak 'There are Nine of us..'
'Fool of a Took!' said Aramouse 'We're mice, we can all sit in the same seat...'
'Speak for yourself' said Legomouse, tossing back his long golden locks.
'Another Bad Hair Day, Elfmouse?' sniggered Gilmouse.
'Enough!' shouted Aragorn. 'This is no time for differences of race or hairstyle, now is the time for all Middle Earth rodents
 to face their common doom....'
'Not this speech again' groaned Boromouse.
'Never mind the common doom' said Frodent 'will they let us in, I mean, we are mice...'
'It's ok, its PG rated' said Merrimouse.
'Oh good...'
'But how will we see the screen?' whined Pipsqueak.
'Sit at the front' said Gilmouse.
'I don't like sitting at the front' said Legomouse 'I get a pain in my neck'
'You ARE a pain in the neck' muttered Gilmouse.
'Listen, shorty...' said Legomouse.
'Stop it you two!' barked Aramouse. 'We can't sit at the front, we might get hit by a coke can thrown by some purist' He
drew himself up to his full height and announced;
'We will sit in the middle, on the back of the seat, behind some person who is either very short or very young.'

Everyone agreed to this, but Merrimouse piped up; 'What if someone throws a coat over us?'
'We're the Heroic Archer Mice of Middle Earth' said Aramouse in exasperation. 'Just pepper them with arrows'
'Wait just a minute!' cried Sammouse 'who is going to buy the popcorn?'
'Oh that's easy!' drawled Boromouse 'King Aramouse. A large bucket of popcorn for me, your highness, and a king size coke
 with nacho....'
'And me! said Pipsqueak
'And me...'
'And me.....'