The Archer Mice of Middle-earth

by Varda

Jealous Mice

I overheard a snatch of rodent conversation....

'She'll NEVER finish our story at this rate!'
'It's that darn Loafer story'
'You know, Líofa the fiddle player, who can't get out of his own way.
He is holding up the Archer Mice epic, bad luck to the skinny stringplucker'
'We could steal her bags'
'Her what?'
'Her bags, you know, the bags she writes it all down on, paper bags at the checkout'
'Are you mad! Go into the hardware shop? They sell Electronic Mouse Repellent Devices there! Those things can fry your brain!'
'Your brain was fried long ago...'
'Hey you, Cork Mouse'
'Enough! this is no time to bring up regional grudges. All Mice must now face a common doom...'
'Oh not this old speech again'
'Quiet! It is not who wants to go steal the bags, but who WILL go steal the bags...'

Frodent shyly rises to his paws.
'I will steal the bags, though I do not know the way....'

'You have my sword....' says Aramouse
'You have my bow..' says Legomouse, smoothing his long golden fur
'And my axe...' says Gilmouse
'If this is indeed the will of the Archer Mice of Dublin 4, then Gondormouse will see it done' said Boromouse.

'He is not going without me to look after his baggage' piped up Sammouse.
'Or without me..' said Merrymouse
'Or without me...' said Pipsqueak.

'Anyone know how to unplug an Electonic Mouse Repellent Device...?' said Elmouse.