The Archer Mice: An Addendum from Canada

News from Bree:  Canada is invaded…..

Strange sights have been seen here in Bree this day. Mice, wearing some kind of Shamrock insignia, have
infiltrated our land, and are acting out weird rituals before our wondering eyes.

Just now, for instance, a lean, taut, leather clad Mouse scooted across the kitchen floor, stopped in the middle and
began to dance. He spun in circles, and pranced across the tiles like Micheal Flatley. Though I could not hear it, he kept time to some music
with pounding feet. It was like Riverdance in miniature, only funnier. He cast sidelong sexy glances at an imaginary audience, he arched his
wee back, he moved those mousie feet so fast my eyes blurred watching him.

Can it be that the Mice of Dublin Four have sent Emissaries to our shores?

The Micheal Flatley mouse is gone, but in his place a demure Miss Mousie. Is Frog going to come courting? She dances,
too, but gently, and keeps her eyes downcast as befits her shy nature.

These are perilous times. I suspect Galadrimouse and her Silver Spousemouse are behind this. Dublin is getting too civilized for them,
they sense that they are fading, are becoming folk of woodland dells, shrinking (can a Mouse shrink further?), falling into ruin and
obscurity. Like thousands of others before them, they seek fresh fields in Canada, leaving behind the ancient turf of their people.

I hear rustling sounds. I hear the old war-cry of Dublin Four.

The Barn Cats are licking their chops. Fresh meat, they think. But I wonder……these invaders are not going to just
roll over and wave their four legs in submission……
- Vison