The Archer Mice of Middle-earth

by Varda

The Mouse Archers of Middle-earth

I was not busy at work yesterday so I wrote some of the story on a paper bag, which went off of course,
wrapped around some clothespegs or something. The Mice of Dublin Four gathered round in great excitement;

'Hey guys, look at this! An archery manual! Those dummies in the hardware shop have really lost it this time...'

There is no shortage of yew trees in the leafy avenues of Dublin Four so soon the resourceful rodents were honing tiny
yew staves to make bows, and tiny splinters to make arrows. Roleplaying was to the fore, they divided up into Elves
and Orcs and lots were cast for the part of Legolas.

Soon however they tired and turned their attention to the cats of Dublin Four.

Now these plump, stately felines parade the wide pavements of Wellington Road gorgeously attired in brightly coloured
velvet collars with little brass bells. No more, alas. From every gatepost and tree issue volleys of tiny darts, aimed with Elvish
accuracy at the feline posterior.

The war has spread to Raglan Road and I even saw a cat in flight across Clyde Road towards the American Embassy, as if for asylum.

What have I started?