The Archer Mice of Middle-earth

by Varda

The Archer Mice of Middle-earth (Almost) Set Out

On the very eve of their departure to reconquer Dublin Four the Company suffered a terrible setback;
Foxwraiths invaded the Peppercanister under cover of darkness and ate the Company's packrats. The
leader of the Halfrodents, Frodent, was aghast;
'Can't we buy more packrats? Or even one, for the baggage?'

A single weedy rat was produced, which, as it had been infesting the Department of Finance, was thin and
cowed. But it perked up considerably in the care of Frodent's loyal servant, Sammouse, who named him Bill.

But an argument then broke out about whose baggage Bill would carry; Prince Elmouse cried;
'None may escape the One Doom; you must carry your own luggage!'
Legomouse smoothed his golden fur and said;
'No chance'

After further debate it was decided that everybody, down to the youngest halfrodents, Merrymouse and Pipsqueak,
would carry their own packs.
Lord Elmouse said;
'Leave everything useless behind!'
'Does that include Aramouse?' asked Boromouse hopefully.

The Quest continues...