Chapter 23 - Lost in Middle-Earth

Morning dawned a happily bright and warm day. This did not match the company's moods. They were so safe in Lorien that they did not want to go on. It was Elijah who woke them to their senses. "Sure we could live in this peaceful place called Middle-Earth forever." He said. "But if I don't finish this, then it won't be a peaceful place. So let's go." The fellowship was roused by their friend's daring and proceeded to the boat haven of Lothlorien.
"I will miss you all." Marton said as sylvan elves gave the company gifts. Among them were gray elven cloaks and green leaf brooches. Cate pulled Elijah over.
"What?" He asked.
"There is something I want to give you." She said in her mysterious voice. The Lady of the Wood held out her hand. In it was a crystal that shone with the sunlight that filtered through the golden trees. "This is the Light of Earendil. Make sure to take care of it. You know that you, and Samwise, will need it." She smiled and kissed his forehead. "Do us proud, Ringbearer." The last thought that she had said scared Elijah.
He thought ahead to the evil spider that would be an obstacle in his way and stood stiff. Then he thought about Sir Ian and that day before Caradhras.
"Let us not think too far." He had said. "That will get our hopes down." Lij smiled and clutched the Light tightly in his hand as he neared one of the elegant canoes.
As he and his now seven friends paddled away from that enchanted wood, Cate's words echoed in his head. "Do us proud, Ringbearer."
A few moments later they were out of the haven and heading into a great water. It was deep and wide, the Anduin. The wowed cast looked all around. It was like the set except much more beautiful. They took in the fresh breeze and looked at either side. No one ever thought of Amon Hen or what was to come.
All except Sean. He sat in his canoe paddling slowly thinking about what would happen to him on that horrid mount. The Gondorian pondered what would happen to him. Because obviously, the others were going to take longer than a second to fulfill the quest and get back home. He sighed, shrugged his shoulders and kept rowing.
Two dots on either side of the river came into view. The further our friends paddled, the bigger they grew. Suddenly, they were no longer dots but gigantic statues. They scaled along the cliff walls and held out their hands to the oncomers, as if a warning to tell them to turn back. The statues seemed almost like giants, alive and well, like they were going to shake off their frozen cocoon and plunge into Anduin. "The Aragonath." Viggo whispered. It was not out of knowledge that he should say that, he was literally enraptured by the models.
No one said a word as they flowed swiftly on.
Soon a crunching sound was heard. The boats were coming up on gravel. The rowers struck them into ground and hopped out. "This isn't right. Let's just go on. The quest would end sooner!" Sean tried to get his friends away from this hill before it became a death site, too.
"We should play it right." Orlando said. Sean groaned.
"Speaking of doing it right." The other Sean said. "Lij, are you waiting for me or am I going to have to swim? You know I can swim, right?"
"Samwise." Elijah looked at Sean with his blue eyes. "Just do it as it feels right." Then he saw his future traitor and remembered his next duty. "I'm going to go scout out the place." He hopped down from a rock he'd been sitting on and started up Amon Hen. Sean shook his head.
"Ugh, I hate this part. Should I go after him?" The others nodded solemnly.
"Okay." He moaned and started up after the Ringbearer.
Elijah sat at the top and looked out at the river below. He listened to see if he could hear orc feet but he didn't. The hobbit looked down the trail and saw Sean coming up, then brushed away a tear. When his friend came up beside him he cleared his throat. "What? Is there something you need?" Sean shook his head. "Anything at all?" Sean clenched his fist and shook his head again. "No? Okay, cuz we can talk anytime."
"Elijah!" The latter spun around. "You make it so hard to be good. I *want* the Ring! I don't know why, but just, just, give it to me!" Sean exclaimed.
"No!" Elijah said, suddenly defiant. "Why should I?"
"I won't!" This last point made Sean angry. He shoved Elijah to the ground.
"Give me it!"
"No!" Elijah slipped "It" on and vanished. A stick a few paces away threw itself at Sean then invisible feet crunched away.
"Oh Elijah. Wait! Wait!" Sean sobbed on Amon Hen, dreading what he knew was to come.