Chapter 18 - Lost in Middle-Earth

After the Council that day, the hobbits chatted about the turn of events in Ian's room.
"I can't believe John squealed!" Dom exclaimed.
"Well, I wouldn't say squealed, Dominick, more like, he couldn't help it because he was in the sleep stage of REM." Sir Ian said expertly. Everyone turned and looked at him. "Rapid Eye Movement? When you have dreams?"
"Oh." Was the chorused response.
"Well, I've been working on Bilbo's book." Ian said. "I decided to give a stab at it because, well, hey I'm Bilbo! Elijah, have you thought up any endings?"
"Not really, if I do, I shudder everytime."
"Oh come, nephew, you know you'll succeed." Ian smiled. "I'm thinking of one like, and they floated away to the Grey Havens and were transported back to the deafening roar of Orlando's party in Reality. The end."
"You forgot the cheese crunchies." Billy smirked.
 Sir Ian shook his head. "Fool of a Took."
"Y'know, I think it's a real blessing that we got popped here. It's so beautiful." Elijah said. Everyone nodded. There was a long silence.
"I wanna go home." Billy said.
They talked and talked and the Rivendell air made all their worries disappear. Every morning, they'd wake up with out a care in the world.
It had been two months since the Council. November had left, and December had made its way on stage and brought with it the icy chills of winter.
Elijah and Sir Ian were talking one morning. "Our friends were everywhere searching. No fresh news. We can't stay any longer. Nearly all the Nazgul are accounted for." Hugo and the hobbits along with Sir Ian and Viggo were in the room.
"Well, I could be formal about all of this, or I could just tell you. " Hugo smiled. "You are all going with Elijah."
"We knew that." Billy said. "And we're ready to go."
The sword that Viggo toted was reforged by the Elves and had a design of seven stars and a shining sun on it. He named it accordingly Anduril, Flame of the West. The hobbits spent most of their time in the Hall of Fire, sitting with their friend Ian, for they knew it would be a very long time before any of them saw him again.
Then they set out, Viggo with Anduril. Sean had a sword just like it, and the Horn of Gondor. "I wish I did not have to use this, but I know I will." He said grimly. The hobbits took the swords of the Barrowdowns, and Elijah took Sting plus the mithril coat (he did not keep it secret, for the whole Fellowship knew about it). Orli carried his bow and arrows, which he had mastered at the filming, and a slim white dagger, for close combat purposes. John carried light, as a dwarf always does, and the only weapon was his trustworthy axe. Sir Ian carried his powerful staff along with Glamdring. Bill the Pony followed alongside, as their pack animal, and they set off.
As they walked along, Billy, the youngest of the hobbits, remembered all that was said.
Hugo had nearly cried at saying farewell, and Ian sat there, teeth chattering in the December wind, mouth pursed, but he could tell the old man was really sad. He did not want his friends to leave him, and he knew he would not see Sean again until they got back to Reality (if that ever happened). Once again, Billy set his jaw and walked forward.
They made for Caradhras, which everyone except Sir Ian and Viggo had nearly forgotten about.
 As they sat on a hilltop, they had a silence of what was to come. "Now," Sir Ian whispered. "Let us not get ahead of ourselves too far, for that will discourage us."
A few nights later, they were all sleeping soundly as Sean (Sam) took the first watch. He nearly dozed off when all of a sudden, a flock of black birds flew over and startled him. Sean shook awake the entire company and they headed for what they knew was to come, Caradhras.
"I have a question." John said, using Gimli's dwarf logic. "If we KNOW this way will work to no avail, and we'll just be walking farther, WHY do we go this way?" He thundered.
"Perhaps we'd like to be back in our nice penthouses and mansions, knowing this is a thing of the past." Said Orlando. In any situation, he would have been upset, but, being an elf, he was the most cheerful one in the entire bunch.
They made their way to Caradhras. The snow blew around, and Elijah hallucinated of being back home, comparing notes with Ian and Sean over the phone. "This snow will be the death of us!" Sean (Boromir) said. "And I'm to stay alive until the Breaking of the Fellowship!" He shuddered and realized what he'd said. There was a grim silence. After a while, he spoke again. "Let's just go."
A little while further, and Viggo said to let the strongest, he and Sean out ahead.
Orlando knew why he brought this up and smiled as Sir Ian said, "It's freezing. Why doesn't our Elf-friend go and find us the Sun?"
He replied with a clear, happy voice, "Why send the strongest? Let the ploughbearer plough, let an otter swim, but for going lightly over leaf or grass, or snow," He added as an underthought.
"Send an Elf." The Fellowship muttered. Orli laughed cheerily and lightly sprinted across the snow.
"Where does thou go?" Sir Ian yelled.
"To find the Sun." Was Orlando's response. At that moment, his friends knew that he was no longer, British actor and surfer Orlando Bloom. He was Prince Legolas Greenleaf and was totally transformed to his character.
When Orli got back, they sat for a while. "You know, John had a point." Said Sean, his feet now frozen with cold. "Let's go to Khazadum, where we know we'll get somewhere." Without further adieu, the cast lept up and walked the road to Moria, the Black Pit.