Chapter 17 - Lost in Middle-Earth

 The next morning, Elijah awoke feeling fully recovered. He met the two Ians and Sean outside on this gloomy October day. Just as the first of the fresh morning smells tickled his nostrils, a single chime arose from a sweet bell. "The warning bell. I better be off." Eljah said. He walked with Sir Ian and Mr. Holm, but Sean took the very caboose.
"Right this way, Elijah. Let me get the door for you Elijah. No, Sean, you must hide and presently spring out during the council of Hu- er, Elrond." He rolled his eyes & folded his arms. Then the thought of how important Sam was crossed his mind. "Hey! Frodo! Wait for me!"
They came to the little circle that everyone was all ready seated in, waiting for Elijah, THE Ringbearer. He saw many people staring at him. Sean nodded and smiled superficially, then ducked into some bushes. Elijah took a deep breath and entered the group. Hugo smiled and stood.
"Ah here he is, Frodo, son of Drogo. Few have come through here on an errand such important." He then pointed out a few people that were not known to Elijah, and then there were those that he "knew". Lij smiled and looked at everyone, taking it all in, making sure he looked like he didn't know one of them. Then Hugo turned to Sir Ian. "This is Boromir, a man from Gondor in the South, whom is here to have his questions answered on this gray morn." Sir Ian nodded knowingly. Gloin, the dwarf, looked uncomfortable.
In a while, they launched into small talk about current events and then it thickened to troubles they were having in the South.
Gloin spoke up after "Boromir" had gone into a very drawn out performance of how hard it was with all these strangers. "Oh, do not waste thine breath, human. My Gimli talks in his sleep and I know that a few of us in here are not as we seem."
Sir Ian sighed. "The dwarf knows much. All right. The gig's up. But Gloin, and the rest of you, don't tell *anyone* what you learn. It's vitally kept a secret. Are we clear?"
Everyone not from the cast nodded. "Elijah, Sean, Billy, Dominick, Viggo, Orlando, Sean, Ian, Hugo, please stand." They all straightened uneasily. "These, are not who you think they are. We, somehow, were transported from a 21st century A.D. party in a different world, to here, so we may recreate the story that is being told. That is our only way home. There are a few others that are here also, Lady Galadriel, Arwen, and Saruman, who are not their beings. Any questions?"
An Elf raised his hand. "Will we conquer the Dark Lord?" He asked anxiously.
 Sir Ian turned to Elijah. "If Elijah does well as the Ringbearer, we should hope so."
"What's the plan?" Asked a Dwarf.
Lij answered this one. "The nine of us before you, without Hu- er your Elrond, will lead to Mordor. We will be broken up into groups sooner or later. Only Sean, or as many of you know him, Sam, and I will reach Mt. Doom to extinguish the horrible flame once and for all."
"I have a question." Orli said. The Fellowship turned eyes towards him thinking,
'If he's part of the "cast" or whatever, how come he doesn't know?'
"Speak." Sir Ian commanded.
"Will the people from the other two movies be here as well?"
Viggo stepped forward. "Since none of them could attend your party, I don't believe they are transported here as well or they'd be with us."
"That's cool." Orlando said.
"Well, I guess now we don't have to say it." John smiled.
"Say what?" Viggo asked.
"You know very well what." Billy said.
"Oh come on," Orli said. "It's my favorite part."
"Okay." John rolled his eyes.
Viggo cleared his throat. "You have my sword."
Orli smiled. With the succeeding professional skills he'd worked up, he uttered softly, "And my bow."
John smiled and grunted the words out. "And my axe!"
Hugo lifted his hands. "All make way for the Fellowship of the Ring!"